MSDOS Compatability Mode.

  Ratler 22:40 29 Jul 2004

Can anybody tell me how I got thid and how do I get rid of it, if you are unlucky you will find it in System Properties on the Performance tab...
Regards Ratler

  THE TERMINATOR 00:41 30 Jul 2004

which os?

  Ratler 09:43 30 Jul 2004

sorry Terminator,, The setup is windows 98se on a Packard Bell Spirit 500 using a new HDD and downloaded drivers from P,Bell. Most things seem to work ok but are very slow and cannot successfully write a CDRom. (New AOPEN CDRW3248 installed) Thanks Ratler.

  THE TERMINATOR 20:59 30 Jul 2004

Did you upgrade to this os from an earlier version?

  Eric10 22:51 30 Jul 2004

Compatibility Mode usually means that DOS drivers have been loaded in C:\Config.sys and C:\Autoexec.bat. Windows 98SE shouldn't need any drivers for the CD-Rom drive. Look in Config.sys for a device driver relating to your CD-Rom and put REM followed by a space at the beginning of the line. Next look in Autoexec.bat for a line starting with MSCDEX.EXE and REM this also if Windows hasn't already done it for you. Restart the computer and Windows should load its own drivers for the CD-Rom.

  Ratler 11:30 31 Jul 2004

The Terminator,,no I did not upgrade from an earlier OS but as I couldn't reload the Packard Bell OS and drivers I used my own win98se and downloaded the other drivers from theP.Bell website..

Eric 10...I have remmed the lines you suggested and Compatability Mode (MCM) has disappeared butI still can't get Nero to write to a CD-R.
As stated earlier, the CD is a AOPEN CD-RW 3248 and 'requires' OATAPI.SYS. Also it associates it with /D:IDECD000 when my CD-RW is the H:, all this is in the Auto.exec file. The Config.sys file also has AOATAPI.SYS in it. which is correct?
In my own machine there is no mention of my Phillips CD-RW or for that matter any other CDRom. As a point of information, how does one use the EDIT in MSCONFIG, I cannot get rid of the blank lines or the 'pen' sysbols and as usual the 'help' files are a dead loss. Regards Ratler...

  Eric10 13:08 31 Jul 2004

OATAPI.SYS would appear to be AOpen's DOS CD-Rom driver and will only be needed if you have to access your CD-Rom from pure DOS such as when booting from a floppy disk. It would appear in Config.sys in a form similar to 'DEVICE=OATAPI.SYS /D:IDECD000'. MSCDEX.EXE would appear in Autoexec.bat like 'MSCDEX.EXE /D:IDECD000'. I emphasise that these drivers are not needed by Windows and if loaded will prevent Windows from using its own drivers.

If the drive is now appearing in Device Manager without problems being indicated then you may have a problem with the drive itself or maybe with Nero. You could uninstall Nero and try different burning software or can you try the burner in a friend's PC? click here for a free burner that I have used with WinXP but the website says it should work with Win98. Other forum members will probably know of other free burners you could try. Maybe just uninstalling and reinstalling Nero would do the trick or even removing the CD-Rom drive from Device Manager and rebooting so that Windows can reinstall it.

On your last point about MSCONFIG, the Edit button allows you to make changes to the highlighted line. Don't worry about blank lines as they have no effect on the working of the file. I don't know about the 'Pen' symbol as I don't seem to have this on my PC. Finally, if you really want to remove the blank lines then open the files in Notepad instead of MSCONFIG and you can handle them just like any other text document.

  Ratler 17:23 31 Jul 2004

Eric10...thanks for your prompt reply..something to do over the weekend BBQs permitting Regards Ratler.

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