Msconfig queries!!

  Housten 16:40 13 Aug 2011

Good afternoon, This is my second attempt at posting! Has anyone else had problems today?

Anyway I was reading a post by VAIO-100 about his RAM and the reply by gengiscant. So I decided to check out my 4.5 year old computer, and I was ( slightly ) concerned when I found two disconcerting points. The first I think is no problem but if someone could confirm this I would be grateful. I ran "msconfig" and in the “System Configuration” there are two OS’s listed. My old Vista and – what I am now using – Windows 7, which has “Current OS; Default OS” beside it. As the computer dual-boots I am hoping this is OK and normal, but I would like it confirmed! The second point I noticed is that when I went into “Advanced Options” I noticed there was a small tick box ( blank ) with “Number of processors” alongside it and a “greyed out” “1” within it. Now my computer has dual processors so my question is: should I tick the box and change the 1 to 2? This leads on to what I would consider to be an interesting thought for me! If the answer is “Yes”, and I change the “1” to “2” will this make my computer go any faster or will it just be a cosmetic exercise?

Any help/thoughts/advice or anything else will be received with much gratitude! Many thanks in advance.

  bremner 16:53 13 Aug 2011

Regarding the processors read this Click here

  Housten 17:10 13 Aug 2011


Many thanks! I have read your link and I will try changing the number, but my boot up time is - usually - less than than 15 seconds, so I don't think there will be much decrease in the time. I was really hoping that the computer as a whole would be speeded up, even if only 10 or 20 per cent!! As they say - every little bit helps!!!

  Housten 11:33 14 Aug 2011


Being old and stupid doesn't really help, does it? The '15 seconds' I was referring to was the number of times the icon beside 'Welcome' at the start of windows goes round NOT the length of time from when I press the button to switch the machine on!! And YES the time has shortened all round I reckon!! So many, many thanks!

If anyone else has any thoughts/advice/help these will be very welcome - to quote a phrase!!

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