Supertramp 19:46 29 Apr 2004

Have a problem tonight trying to open msconfig tonight. Every time I try to run this program it opens up and then immediately closes. Also not sure if related but my Dial Up Network box opens once Windows has loaded, also a program WUXAT.EXE is asking for permission to access internet through Zone Alarm, not sure what this one is so I answer no.

Was OK this morning, running windows 98SE.

  canard 22:08 29 Apr 2004

WUXAT.EXE is not part of win98 SE. click here for Process Viewer.
This will show you if WUXAT.EXE is running and there is a kill option un the dropdown menu which will enable you to stop it running after which you can locate it via find and delete it. Your msconfig will hopefully then revert to normal.

  Gongoozler 22:34 29 Apr 2004

Have you tried a thorough antivirus and spyware scan. It's quite common for spyware and trojans to be disguised as a legitimate Windows function.

  temp003 01:30 30 Apr 2004

Msconfig flashing up and disappearing immediately is a sign of a virus. Usually you get the same problem with regedit and task manager (can't remember if there's task manager in 98).

Test regedit. Click Start, Run, type regedit and press Enter. See if you get the same symptom. If you do, it's a virus.

To use msconfig in the meantime, in My Computer, click View, Options, and untick Hide MS-DOS extensions for registered file types and click OK. Then go to c:\windows\system\msconfig.exe. Make a copy of msconfig.exe, and rename it to Then double click the .com file to see if it opens and stays open.

Quite a number of viruses can cause this, and quite often the virus is not detected.

Update your virus definitions and do a complete scan.

Also download Adaware from click here install it, update it first, then run a check and let it remove spyware and unwanted dial-ups.

The 2 symptoms may or may not be related.

If virus scan and Adaware do not cure either of the 2 problems, download Mike Lin's Startup Control Panel from click here install it, go to Control Panel, Startup, and go through each tab to look for suspicious startup items especially under Run, and Run Once.

If after the virus scan and Adaware, startup items still show a reference to WUXAT.exe, untick them.

For the msconfig problem, the startup item may be called winsock driver or winsock2 driver (maybe - depending on virus). The WUXAT.exe may be called Configuration Default. Untick all references to them. Note down the path to the file which runs at startup. Find the file in My Computer and delete it.

  lamda 11:16 01 May 2004

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