feb 14:16 25 Jul 2007

In msconfig I have an entry "ydpafjdosd.exe" but I can't seem to find any information on it.

I'm getting problems with popups to do withmyfreemobilephone and avsystemcare, but with the entry in msconfig disabled they seem to stop.

Does anyone know what it is?


  birdface 14:22 25 Jul 2007

Likewise I cant find anything on it ,Just untick it.And see if any of your programs fail to start.Does look a bit out of place.

  feb 14:29 25 Jul 2007

I've unticked it and the popups seem to have stopped, everything else seems to be working at the moment.

The only problem I see, is that unticking it dosn't remove it, but I can't find any other mention on it in the PC!

  birdface 14:29 25 Jul 2007

Googled it Nothing ,Try add remove and see if there are any new programs on there that you did not download.And do you usual Virus and Spyware checks just to be in the safe side.

  birdface 14:37 25 Jul 2007

Have you tried search,And just type it in there and see if it finds anything,I would also look in add remove,To see if you can find it in there,Check your Quick start and make sure it is not on there.I am sure there was something on here the other day about pop-ups ,They tried all their usual Spyware Programs, But it was Spybot that got rid of it.

  birdface 15:00 25 Jul 2007

Hi,This was the earlier thread, click here

  woodchip 15:07 25 Jul 2007

You will easy find this in the registry, hear how to get rid of it.

Go to Start\Run type regedit press enter. Make sure that to click on the Icon at the top of the tree on the left if the tree is Expaded. then go to the Menu under Edit click Find, then in the box type ydpafjdosd.exe press enter delete what it finds then press F3 to go to next entry do the same untill you get to the end of Regedit. Close Regedit and reboot your computer.

Do not touch anything else in regedit

  feb 15:11 25 Jul 2007

Sorry buteman, but that wasn't me!

Thanks woodchip, I'll try that, but do you know what it actually is?

  woodchip 15:12 25 Jul 2007

You have answered your own problem by unticking MSCONFIG

  woodchip 15:14 25 Jul 2007

You could also look for ydpafjdosd.exe in Windows Search. But I don't think it will show it's self

  feb 15:17 25 Jul 2007

It dosn't come up in windows search, but it is in Regedit

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