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  BBW 19:33 20 Jan 2003
  BBW 19:33 20 Jan 2003

Can anyone help; If I "Select all" text page and save it, in the Internet, then paste it into my Word processor, I get "Out of Memory" I am able to paste the same page into Notepad in Windows, then save the same page. MS Works word processor will then show the page for pasting.

  flecc 19:43 20 Jan 2003

I can't get this to happen. I've got an installation of Works 4.5 that I run from a CD-R and I've just tried to copy and paste your thread, selecting All, then Copy, finally Paste, and it all works correctly.

Do you get the Out of Memory message with any other uses?

  BBW 19:53 20 Jan 2003

Hi flecc, many thanks for your reply, I had the same problem with MS Works 4.5, so I upgraded to MS Works 2000 with the same results. this does not happen with any other software. Cheers, Brian

  jazzypop 19:54 20 Jan 2003

Microsoft have a large number of documents that may be applicable - click here= for a list.

On the limited information given, I would suggest that you try
click here and
click here first.

  BBW 20:19 20 Jan 2003

Hi Jazzypop, many thanks for the reply, will check it out.

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