MS Works Labels

  Cannuck 19:36 28 Nov 2005

I am using MS Works Ver.7 Word Processor to make up labels for mass mailing. I have ran all the multiple address labels, no problem, but cannot get the comp to print several pages of return address labels.

I go to "Tools", click "labels", then a "Labels" selection screen appears, I click on "Return Address" labels which should copy 1 address to every label on the sheet, but when I try to print, it will only print the first top left label.

I have tried copying the format to each label on the sheet, but this doesn't work, as only the first label remains highlighted on the worksheet.

Would appreciate if someone could tell me where I am going wrong. The set up for the label sheet type is correct, and I am using the same labels as the others I have already run off.

  Curio 20:05 28 Nov 2005

Would this be of ant help?
click here

  Curio 20:06 28 Nov 2005

ant = any

  Cannuck 20:23 28 Nov 2005

Thanks, but I don't have MS Word, I have MS WORKS, word processor. Tried your suggestion, but it won't work, (won't even load as I don't have Word).

Setting up the page format etc., is no problem, it's just that the I click on the layout that is supposed to run the same address on each label, but it will only print one.

No problem running multi addresses.

  brambles 21:51 28 Nov 2005

I wonder if Works is similar to Word in actual printing.

Try this - type the return address on a new page - select the address Click Tools - Envelopes & Labels and see if their is an option for New Document - if there is click it.

OK lets suppose that didn't work then save your previous multi addresses file as Return Address. Now just type the return address and copy and paste it down - you only need do one page then print the current page for X number of sheets.

Hope this helps


  Cannuck 00:14 29 Nov 2005

Thanks for the reply.

Was away from computer for a while.

Will try your suggestion in the morning, as the BOSS is sleeping and all heck will be paid if I run the printer now.

Will let you know.


  Cannuck 10:25 29 Nov 2005

Thanks for that.

Where I was going wrong was I was using the Address Book for the Return labels.

I just typed in the address as you suggested, then clicked on Tools, Label, Return Address Labels. and Bingo it worked.

Really appreciate your help.


  €dstowe 13:50 29 Nov 2005

Try the other Avery program click here which doesn't need MS Word

  Cannuck 16:32 29 Nov 2005

D/L that program. Looks good.

Will try it tonight. Might make the labels look a bit fancier.

Really too bad I've already printed them as just plain old labels.

Thanks for the info.


  Cannuck 00:31 30 Nov 2005

Great program.

Re-ran all my labels, with a Christmassy theme.

Thanks a lot


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