MS Word text box formatting

  Faffingwaste 13:56 13 Feb 2009

From time to time I prepare a Word doc incorporating text boxes.

Every text box I create arrives with a border.

So every blasted text box has to be changed in 'properties' to "No line" and "No fill".

I've tried to alter the default setting for the text box so that I'm not wasting time and energy but for the life of me can't work out how to do so.

Does anyone have any idea what procedure can be followed to permanently change the MS Word text box default settings?????


  Marko797 14:01 13 Feb 2009

u can mess with the default 'lined' box, but why not insert 1 text box, adjust the properties to 'no line no fill' then just copy this particular box and paste as required?

Also, why not (as an alternative) just select all the lined boxes by holding down ctrl and using ur mouse pointer (wait for the + sign) then select all the boxes, then rt click, format text box, no line, no fill?

  Faffingwaste 14:57 13 Feb 2009

Great advice, Marko: many thanks!

I'll experiment with the second option because I find the first a bit unpredictable.

  TonyV 16:21 13 Feb 2009

Try this from Word Help in Word 2000:-

"I changed the fill, border, shadow, or 3-D effect, but when I create a drawing object, I get the old settings.
The default style is being applied to the new drawing object.

To change the default settings for new drawing objects, select an object that has the attributes you want. On the Drawing toolbar, click Draw, and then click Set AutoShape Defaults."

Make sure the Drawing Toolbar is available to you!


  Faffingwaste 17:39 13 Feb 2009


You're a 100% genius. . . Nah, make that 110%.

Your advice worked first time out of the box (I know, because I've just done it.)

No more copying and pasting or messing around with text boxes: thanks to you, my default settings have now, at the click of a mouse, changed to no line / no fill.

I really can't thank you enough.

Go on, take a bow -- I'd send you a drink with this missive but unfortunately the thread would get sodden.

Many, many thanks again!!

  Marko797 17:53 13 Feb 2009

I didn't know that. Sorry Orfor. I tried it and yes it does work.

  TonyV 19:02 13 Feb 2009

Glad to be of assistance!


  Faffingwaste 09:30 14 Feb 2009

Marko: hey, no need for an apology -- you came to the rescue with a recommendation that was certainly better than anything I'd thought of!


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