MS Word spell checker stopped working

  Ramification 20:28 02 Dec 2003

hi, i have a really strange prob in word, i cannot get the squiggly red line to come up and i cannot correct spelling mistakes! ive got the box checked under -'tools,options spelling and grammar -Check spelling as you type.' and the 'hide spelling errors' box is Not checked... this is baffling and annoying me......please help!

  Ramification 20:56 02 Dec 2003

man, im so thick at times...

  Gongoozler 21:04 02 Dec 2003

Hi Ramification. So while I was trying to find the answer, you got it sorted. Don't be shy, tell us what you did.

  [email protected] E 21:13 02 Dec 2003

by the read of it he ticked the box

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