MS Word save failed - out of memory or disk space

  Catastrophe 12:19 08 Feb 2005

I was happily sitting at Comp3 cutting out of one Word document and pasting into another (and had been for well over an hour)when very suddenly I got this message when I tried to save:

"The save failed due to out of memory or disk space (drive:\path\filename)"

I have tried Google but I don't have Veritas on my comp as MS suggest is a cause.

I moved the recipient document to Comp2 but got exactly the same problem.

Comp3 has four HDDs in 9 partitions. C:
4.85 GB free and 512 MB RAM
Comp2 has C: 10.9 GB free 504 MB RAM.

Any ideas please?

  ventanas 12:21 08 Feb 2005

Are these computers saving to a networked drive. You will get a message like this if the connection has been dropped.

  Catastrophe 12:22 08 Feb 2005

I can add that neither Comp2 or Comp3 have Internet access. Comp1 does and has all the AV, firewall etc.. I transferred the floppy with the Word doc to Comp1 and scanned using updated AV but it showed clear.

  Catastrophe 12:24 08 Feb 2005


"Are these computers saving to a networked drive. You will get a message like this if the connection has been dropped."

At the moment they are stand alone. Sometimes I connect them via USB but they are not connected today.

Remember I had been cutting and pasting away for over an hour with no trouble.

Thanks for the very quick response


  Storik 12:43 08 Feb 2005

and must confess I was tearing my hair out! The document I had been editing was over 60,000 words long and in the belief that it couldn't be a memory problem (I have 1GB memory)I decided to try and save to a floppy disk.

After several attempts, it DID finally save to the floppy. I then ran the repair facility from Microsoft Office (disk 1)and rebooted the computer. This seemed to solve the problem as a temporary measure, but the same thing happened later.

Ended up, removing MS Office and reinstalling it.

I know this isn't much help, but might jog someone else into another idea.


  Stuartli 12:55 08 Feb 2005

You can configure Word to automatically Save as often as you require as you work on a document.

You should also have a look in AutoRecover which makes automatic backups of files on which you are working.

Check Tools>Options>Save tab. The Always Create Backup Copy should be ticked. The old version is saved as well as .bak with the new version as .doc

The Allow Background Saves will save the document whilst you are working rather than waiting until Word has finished. Large scale changes in a document should be saved with a new file name, which also ensures the old version is still on call if necessary.

  Catastrophe 14:03 08 Feb 2005

Thanks for the ideas guys! :)


"I moved the recipient document to Comp2 but got exactly the same problem."

Comp2 did not have Word on it, so it was a completely new installation. I'll remove that now I have tried it.

So the problem migrated with the floppy.

I have had one successful cut and paste session since but now it has gone back to the error message again.

  Catastrophe 15:29 08 Feb 2005

I am getting closer. It has something to do with drawings in the original doc. Sometimes it will cut and paste and sometimes not. Then if I try to resize the drawing this results in aforementioned message.

I did not notice this earlier because I was saving at different times not necessarily after trying to resize. Sometimes it accepted the resize and sometimes not (different drawings.

This explains why the problem travelled with the floppy.

Anyone seen anything like this before?

  FelixTCat 16:08 08 Feb 2005

In Word - Tools - Options - Save do you have fast saves enabled? This adds changed data to the end of the word file and, if you are saving drawings, the file could become enormous.

  Storik 10:59 09 Feb 2005

When my son was a student sitting exams, I used to type out his work, which incidentally contained a large number of technical drawings. Sometimes, like you, Word refused to "save".

I used to put "placements" for his drawings and save without them. Like many students his work was always required "yesterday" and I found this the quickest way to do it.

When I printed out his work, I would insert the drawings and print them out. I had numbered and saved his drawings separately. Bit of a bind, I know, but at least he got his work on time.


PS This was going back a few years and I was using Word 97.

  Catastrophe 11:30 09 Feb 2005


Thanks for your reply. My "drawings" are mostly chemical formulae. I just pasted a typical one into Word and the file is 24kb. A 32 page document with loads of such is 1.19MB.

Also the purpose is to produce training manuals which need printing out, say, 24 at a time so I need (?) the drawing in the text. I am not sure how placements work (?).


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