MS Word remove unwanted page

  Col 15:37 02 Jan 2004

I have created a word document after completing the first page of text, Word automaticly started a second page,I don't need this blank page but can't get rid of it, so when I save the document this blank is there. Help Col

  Jester2K 15:40 02 Jan 2004

Go to the end of your text and click so the Inertion Point is after the last character. Then keep hitting delete until the second page disappears...

  Peter 17:02 02 Jan 2004


Perhaps you have completely filled the page and entered a Carriage Return, which is starting the new page.

If you do as Jester2K suggests or adjust (reduce) the top and/or bottom margins you should be able to get rid of the extra page.


  Diemmess 17:28 02 Jan 2004

Peter and Jester2K offer the best way but.......

If you want to see where all your "enters" and other formatting thingys are, just click on the toolbar button at the top but under the dropdown menus. The button looks (to me) like music manuscript and is a sort of hollow "I" with a black blob at its top lefthand side.

This will show all the spaces and other things.... not pleasant to have there all the time, but cancelled by clicking the button a second time.

  wee eddie 17:41 02 Jan 2004

It is sometimes a good idea to have a look at what is to come out before you start to print.

Particularly if you are using Photo Paper.

So - Click > File > Print Preview > Print.

  Mike-312602 19:27 02 Jan 2004

Go to the foot of the unwanted page and click near the bottom. The cursor will go to the last input point, this may be just a space character, press the delete key until the cursor returns to your first page. Scroll the first page to the top and then down again, hey presto unwanted page gone. Please respond to this site if this solves the problem.


  Col 14:00 03 Jan 2004

Thanks to you all,some good stuff in there, the "Margins" were the problem, thanks Pete.

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