MS Word Query for an Expert!

  JayDay 18:49 08 Oct 2004

I have created a document in MS Word that contains 9 pages. Each page has form fields. The document is also protected.

Most of the forms require the same info. for example name, address etc. To save time I would like to enter the re-occurring info once and have it automatically inserted into each page. This was easy in Amipro but I cant find out how to do it Word.

Hope this makes sense.

  iarno 19:37 08 Oct 2004

I'm not an expert, but I have done this by high-lighting the text you want to put on other pages and do a copy and paste. you can post to as many pages as you want.

Hope this is of use.


  iarno 19:39 08 Oct 2004

for post read paste


  Taff36 09:23 09 Oct 2004

I`m not sure this will work for you but to show you the principle see if this helps. Alternatively e-mail me and I`ll send you a document that I`ve already done for you to demonstrate the principle. Note however this is not as user friendly as you might think although it works and the name and address on both pages must be at the top of the document in the header.

Firstly go to Tools> Options and on the View tab make sure the field shading drop down box is set to “always”. Then View> Header and Footer and insert a table with one row and two columns. In the left hand box Insert> Field then in the field name box select MacroButton and in the macro name select AcceptAllChangesInDoc. In the display text box Type “Click HERE and Type your name”. In the right hand pane do the same but obviously change name to address. If you right click either of these fields and select toggle field code you will see the formula within the code.

To set up your second page go to the bottom of the first page (CTRL>END) and Insert> break> next page. Then File> Page setup and on the margins tab select portrait and in the apply section select “from this point forward”. You will now see the header repeated on page two.

You need to put some instruction at the top of the first page. For example “before completing this form please double click in the greyed area above and then click the word “here”. Save the document and then experiment. I`m sure there is a way of doing this using macros or Visual Basic but it`s beyond my capabilities I`m afraid.

  daba 09:27 09 Oct 2004

Click on "File->Properties", and choose the "Custom" tab.

This is a sort of lookup area from where you can "insert fields" in your document, and the value of the field is retrieved from the Document properties.

The field names can be added to by typing it into the "Name" window, and the field value and type set-up as required.

When the Document Properties are complete, then in your main document, whenever you want to use one of the property values, choose "Insert->Field", select "Document Information" category, then Field Name "DocProperty". Then add the name of the desired lookup in quotes to the DOCPROPERTY string, as per the example.

If the main document shows the field name rather than the field value, then you need to turn off the view of field codes in "Tools->Options->View"

The procedure should be similar for other versions of Word.

  Taff36 11:44 09 Oct 2004

Like that tip a lot! Never knew you could do that.

However if JayDay is sending this document to several people how will it help the recipient, who is filling in 9 different pages complete the common information (Name, Address etc) only once?

  daba 22:28 09 Oct 2004

The "Document Information" is stored 'inside' the document, it is not just a local editing facility.

This info can be viewed, even edited, from Explorer, by right-clicking the .doc file, and selecting 'properties'.

If the recipients are regular Word users, they could be asked to 'fill-in' the document properties (with some helpfull description of how to achieve this), before filling in the remainder of the document text.

However, if the recipients are less 'capable' or less-trained, then a better solution would be to use some document automation, either involving 'references' or macros. I have done something along these lines in the past, but I need to go have a play to remind me how it worked.

I'll experiment and post back

  JayDay 16:36 10 Oct 2004

Here are a few more details. At work when dealing with a client I need to file in 9 forms from saved templates. I have managed to put all 9 forms together in one template. On each of the forms some of the info is duplicated. e.g.. The name, address email. To save copy and pasting 9 times I would like to enter the info once and have it inserted automatically on all 9 forms.

I am surprised it is so difficult in MS Word. I used to do it in Lotus Amipro and it took only a few mins to setup. Unfortunately I am stuck with Word because it's what the business uses.

  Djohn 16:53 10 Oct 2004

Wouldn't Mail Merge do this for you, or have I not quite understood the question?

  JayDay 16:57 10 Oct 2004

Might do. I'll give it a try.

  Hercules03 16:10 12 Oct 2004

Try the solution posted by Daba earlier - I did, and it works. The only slight drawback is that the repeating data must be entered in the Properties Dialog. Once you have done this the data can be repeated as many times as you want, using Insert/Field.

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