MS Word problem printing address labels

  freyabo 20:10 13 Mar 2008

I use MS Word for printing address labels, and I want to print 2 labels at a time with the same address details on them. However, the only options available are to print a whole sheet, or one label at a time.
Its so tedious to have to put the sheet thru the printer twice to get two labels.

Is there some hidden menu option or preferences I can set to do this? I've searched the help files, etc. without success.

If not,does anyone know of any other software, preferably shareware, that will enable me to carry out this simple task?


  Fermat's Theorem 20:20 13 Mar 2008

Ann. Word will do it for you. When you go to "labels" there is a button at the end of the dialogue box marked "New Document". Click it, and you will be given a label-template into which you can type/copy the address(s) you wish.

Lots of people miss this option. Hope it helps :-)

  Fermat's Theorem 20:21 13 Mar 2008

Sorry about mis-typing your name, Anne, and of courses it should be address(es) :-)

  €dstowe 20:30 13 Mar 2008
  freyabo 20:36 13 Mar 2008

Wow! What a quick reply - and a solution! I feel silly now, I've looked at that 'New Document' label, but never investigated it - doh!

Thanks so much, Fermat's Theorem

I sell 'bits and pieces' on Ebay, so use labels a lot. This problem has been driving me nuts for months


  Flying Teddy 20:42 13 Mar 2008

And there's more! Having got the label template up as a word document, you can then give it your own name (e.g. label_7163.doc) and save it wherever you like. Then you can just open it up again later as a normal document and fill in whatever you want, then print; no need to use the Word label function again at all. How cool is that? Woo Hoo!

  freyabo 20:52 13 Mar 2008

Thanks for the link, €dstowe. I've d/l the software and will check it out.

What an excellent, helpful forum this is :)

I've just printed out some labels following Fermat's Theorem,s instructions - yippee!

I cannot tell you how much this has been bugging me

Cheers guys


  freyabo 20:56 13 Mar 2008

Flying Teddy

I've just done that now - SUPERCOOL!

Thank you! :D


  Fermat's Theorem 20:57 13 Mar 2008

Delighted to have been of help.

Don't forget to tick "resolved" :-)

  freyabo 21:05 13 Mar 2008

Heehee, I've put a short cut to the new label doc. in my Start menu now. Thats one layer of tedium removed from my Ebaying ;)

Its the little things in life which make it so sweet


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