MS word Office 2000

  danpep5552 09:35 14 Feb 2007

When I click for a new email on MS outlook it has trouble finding word as editor. 50% of the time it does not. I try and jump start it as it were by trying to open a word document but this does not work and Word seems not to be available. If I reboot the computer it usually clears the problem. But it is happening daily now. I have scanned for virus but all clear. Any ideas? Thanks

  bennyhillslovechild 10:22 14 Feb 2007

Does it come up with a particular message? Or just "can't find word"?

  danpep5552 10:29 14 Feb 2007

Advises after a two minute hourglass cant find word and will use "something else" as my email editor. I click Ok and then a new mail opens but in a plain sort of format. Word docs then will not open when I go to a file and try to open a document already saved. Thanks

  bennyhillslovechild 10:49 14 Feb 2007

try going to start>search (or windows key and F) and looking for a file called '' when you find it, delete it and reboot machine....if that file is corrupted it can cause word to hang. Deleting it will simply cause word to create a new clean one.

  PalaeoBill 10:54 14 Feb 2007

Have you recently installed IE7 by any chance?

  danpep5552 11:00 14 Feb 2007

I have one normal dot in templates, one in the same place with a prefix sideways S and a dollar sign and one in "office recent". I installed IE7 a few months ago but this probelm has been happening for a few months anyway. Shall I delete all thes normal dots? Thanks again.

  bennyhillslovechild 11:03 14 Feb 2007

Delete the one in Templates

  PalaeoBill 11:07 14 Feb 2007

I think the problem relates to Word Viewer. The IE7 install seems to have triggered this and the Word Viewer 97 is trying to cut in instead of word. You can download the Word Viewer 2003 from Microsoft. It did the trick on my mum's old PC.

  terryf 11:22 14 Feb 2007

If you delete the file, you will lose any options that you have set or any customisation you have made to Word

  danpep5552 11:30 14 Feb 2007

Deleted and rebooted, opened Ok in email

yes have lost all my customising of which there were very many.

Can I retrieve from recycle.

I have downloaded the viewer

  PalaeoBill 11:36 14 Feb 2007

Yes you can retrieve from the recycler. You can always delete it again if it proves to be at fault.

I'm interested to know which was the cause.

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