MS Word label setup

  osben 10:11 25 Mar 2006


I use sticky labels for my addressing and when I outline an address in the letter in Word and click on the labels icon it places the address on the label I have selected.

However the address is placed right at the left edge of the label.

How can I set up a new label format so that when the address is inserted in the label it starts say 3cm from the left of the label or ideally central in the label.

Hope the above makes sense and appreciate any help given.


  VoG II 10:38 25 Mar 2006

Try this click here

  osben 11:00 25 Mar 2006

Hi VoG™

Thanks for your reply - I really wanted to use the Word Labels utility and not go to third party. Is there ant way of doing it in Word labels??


  AndySD 11:06 25 Mar 2006

Go to envelopes and Lables then choose Lable then choose the lable size/type then click on New Document.

  Peter 12:02 25 Mar 2006


If you do what AndySD you should end up with a document containing a table matching the labels you have selected. You should then be able to play with the settings in this document, centering text, bold, italic, etc. as you wish.


  osben 14:07 25 Mar 2006

Hi Guys

Thanks for your response but doing that only makes a .doc template which I have to save as a word document. To use that, I have to call it up as a seperate document and manually past the address from my original document to the template document you suggested I make.

It is much easier if I can highlight my address in the letter I write and click on the "Envelopes/Labels" button and go straight into a label setting.

I want to be able to adjust the margins in say an L7163 label so that I dont have to pring right up to the left edge. There does not seem to be any way of adjusting the print margins. Just the size of the labels on the page.

I cannot save the document (you suggested I make) into the label options dialouge box alonside all the other labels.

Any suggestions.


  Marsh Warden © ™ 14:12 25 Mar 2006

Labels\options\details margins can be altered from there.

  Marsh Warden © ™ 14:14 25 Mar 2006

Or even New Label, you can create your own from there.

  brambles 15:40 25 Mar 2006

When your dialogue box comes up with the address inside.

Put the cursor at the beginning of the first line of the address & press the enter key.

This will take the address down to a more central position.

Now put the cursor back to the beginning of the first line and hit the spacebare 6 times

Now put the cursor at the beginning of the second line and tap the spacebar until it is under the first line.

You just carry on word processing even though you are in a dialogue box.

This will work if you do a Mail Merge too although it that case you will be dealing with Fields.


  brambles 15:56 25 Mar 2006

Looked again

Quicker method:

Right click on the highlighted address in the label/Envelope dialogue box

There is an option Paragraph
Click this
Now there is an option to have Left Alignment
Indentation is set to 0 alter this to 3 or whatever and your address will be more central.


  osben 08:45 26 Mar 2006


Thanks again for your help guys.

Brambles - that does what I want thanks but it would have been nice to be able to save it as a customised document for future use. Don't seem to be able to.

Still thanks again.


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