MS WORD Formatting please

  Furkin 17:56 20 Jul 2007

Sometimes when we 'copy & paste' stuff,,,, it comes over all to one side.
If I want to save this in MS-Word, I have been manually adjusting it, to fill up each line fully.
There must be a way in MS WORD to do this ?
Can anyone help please ?

thanks all

  recap 18:54 20 Jul 2007

When you say "stuff" can you be more specific please. Where are you copying it from would is it from a web page?

  Furkin 20:07 20 Jul 2007

It could be anything I s'pose.
Maybe long e-mails,,,, maybe web pages etc.
Yesterday I downloaded a reply to my Forum question (avaiation forum).
It looks normal on the site,,,, but when I Select all > select copy & go to Word,,,, when I open it, it's all condensed on the left of the page (not squashed up,,,, but more like all the text lines are very short !).

hope this helps

  Terry Brown 20:12 20 Jul 2007

I don't know if this will help, if you go to Format (in word) and select Autoformat, it may do the job.

  Diemmess 20:19 20 Jul 2007

Email particularly, can have columns of > or < as well as forced manual line breaks when pasted into Word.

Use Edit... Find and..... Replace.
Select from the lower "special" or "more" buttons
to find eg Manual Line Break, and Replace with either nothing or a single space.

Then click on "Replace All"

If it is just awkward formatting, you can click in the top toolbar, Styles which will probably show "Normal" choose and click on Clear Formatting.
This works better with weird tabbing and spacing including section and page breaks.

  Furkin 09:08 21 Jul 2007

Thanks for your help.
As sods law prevails,,, I can't get it to replicate the problem at the moment.
Terry & Diemmess: I have looked at the things you say & think that one of them should sort out this niggle,,,,, whenever it occurs again !
I'll just carry on trying & come back here when it does.
all the best guys

  Furkin 09:13 21 Jul 2007

I don't think that the problem stems from 'intentional' formatting.
I downloaded a couple of pages from a Scanner Forum link,,,, which was, as far as I recall, in normal, full line A4 type pages.
If it started out with say 2 full pages,,, when I paste it into WORD it will take 4/5 pages,,,, but each line is only a third or half a line of text before it goes onto the next line.

  wee eddie 11:13 21 Jul 2007

Next to the Text styles (Bold, Italic, Underline) are 4 sets of boxes with lines in them.

Chose which you will. If you like it

  Furkin 17:22 23 Jul 2007

WEE EDDIE: you mis understand my query.
I can use L, R, Justify etc,,,,, but it dosn't sort my problem ! (justify may stretch whatever is on the line to the width of the peper/screen, but it will still the same amount of charactors.)
I need to bring up
the following line and
a half cos the string
of charactors don't go
to the end of the
OTHERs: It hasn't happened again since I posted this !!!! so bear with me & i'll be back when it does & i've tried the suggestions above.

thanks all

  wee eddie 17:24 23 Jul 2007

and hit the delete button

  VoG II 17:56 23 Jul 2007

If you go to Tools > Options > View tab and under Formatting tick show all then you should be able to see what is causing this. I suspect paragraph changes (indicated by a backward P). Replacing paragraphs with spaces should fix it.

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