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  Furkin 13:47 08 Oct 2007

Hi all,
I've just come across another, what I assume, is a formatting fault (when I say 'fault' I mean something that I don't understand !).
I started writing a long report in MS-Word a couple of days ago. I've added a bit each day.
Today when I was working, I noticed a double line ================================= across the page. As I've been looking for the cause, I sometimes get 2 or 3 such lines.

They will not highlight,,,, nor are they recognised by the curser, so I can't start at the end to delete.
I don't know what they are, so
a/ don't know how I got/get them
b/ I can't get rid of them

thanks guys

  silverous 14:18 08 Oct 2007

Are they actually equals signs or a constant line?

Could it be that you have the Tools, Autocorrect, AutoFormat As You Type option for either headings, Borders or Tables turned on?

When I turn those on and put a number (3) of equals symbols next to eachother I get a solid double line across the page - is that it?

You can obviously switch off that option or, to get rid, select text either side of it and go to Format, Borders and Shading and choose "None".

Hope this helps.

  carmichy 14:36 08 Oct 2007

They are "page breaks" Look at the size of your paper , your margin settings or even the size of your text

  silverous 14:44 08 Oct 2007

I'm not so sure - don't page breaks have words within them, and if they were page breaks surely he would have had to insert them?

  Furkin 14:48 08 Oct 2007

Thanks silverous: They look like two constant lines.
I have double checked the Boarders etc & made sure it is set to NONE,,, but to no avail.

I thought they may be something to do with Page Breaks,,, but I see that there is a similar line mid way through a paragraph.

They wern't there yesterday, so I assume that I clicked something today (must learn to leave it alone ?!?!)

RESULT: whilst looking in Reveal Formatting I noticed that the Underlining was set as TWO CONTINUOUS LINES.
Although this didn't seem to be my problem (the lines were like a pair of Horizontal lines right across the page,,,, - not just under words that I had underlined. The words that I chose to underline were uneffected & had the normal, single line.)
Anyway, I clicked this within the Reaveal Formatting menu, & clicked it off.
It's done the trick tho',,,, unless this was a different matter !

I'll click as resolved, (after posting this - or I lose this message & get told off for not replying (!!) but other readers please feel free to respond if there is something you want to add or that I missed.

thanks once more.

  Furkin 14:55 08 Oct 2007

I thought they had something to do with Page Breaks initially,,, but checked that first.
I am writing a report in Times New Roman sized 12, in normal A4 pages, with margins that I use quite regularly.
In fact I do a similar task quite regularly & have never come across this before.

AsI say, twere all o.k yesterday and I accept that I caused it (still don't know how ?!) I didn't insert page breaks (or anything else) as far as I am aware.

Nor would I know how to turn the underling into two lines instead of one ! (especially as the lines go right across the page)

thanks again guys

  silverous 15:55 08 Oct 2007

What's "Reveal Formatting" ?!

  Furkin 16:30 08 Oct 2007

if you look in the drop down FORMAT menu, in mine about 6 topics down is REVEAL FORMATTING. This opens a list to the right showing what formating is used on that page.

  silverous 11:27 09 Oct 2007

I'm only on Office 2000 :(

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