MS-Word -- Font 'defaulting' ?

  Furkin 21:42 02 Jul 2010

I'm about to fill in a 22 page form that is written in MS-Word using Arial font.
I want all my answers to be in Times New Roman.

Usually, when we start typing after other writing, the machine will carry on in the same font as you are following.

Is there a way that I can set MS-Word to write all my answers in TNR whilst leaving the original in Arial ?


99% of my writing is in Times New Roman. In the past I could set this up as default in Word, & all my writing would come up in this. I can't seem to see that option now. Is it still available ?


  Sea Urchin 23:36 02 Jul 2010

Which version of MS Word are you using?

  Furkin 00:08 03 Jul 2010

Hiya S.U:

  Furkin 00:23 03 Jul 2010

Have changed the default font to TNR.
In my OP I said that I couldn't see how to do this,,,,,, I hadn't actually looked in v2007. I didn't see it in v2003,,, and didn't look again when I upgraded. ooooops

  Furkin 00:41 03 Jul 2010

I'd still like to make it so that my NEW typing is a selected font when filling in a form,,,, or writing after other fonts.

  Furkin 09:24 04 Jul 2010

I thought that I'd hit pay-dirt, when I learned how to change the 'system' font.
This has changed 90% of the whole computer system: Desktop / O.Express etc etc.

As above, MS-Word is now defaulted to my chosen font,,,,, but it still hasn't changed the font as I write after previous fonts !

Any more ideas please ?


  Diemmess 10:59 04 Jul 2010

Do you mean that TNR is back again as the default for new Word documents?

That being so, you are disappointed that the change has not happened in existing docs?

If 'Yes' to no change to old documents, then that is exactly what it should be.
Any Word document contains masses of instructions about size, fonts and all the frills Word has to offer. All details are saved when the Save button is pressed.

This is necessary to avoid changes to the structure of the whole thing which would seriously upset anyone merely wishing to correct a relatively tiny error.

With form filling, the only way I know is either to change the whole form before filling in, or to accept say Arial, and change the font of the new entries after you have typed them.

Maybe with something as splendid as Word 2007 it is possible there is a built in procedure for this, locking what you have and somehow treating all new entries as a separate arrangement, but I would love to know of one.

  Furkin 09:51 05 Jul 2010

Hi again Diemmess,
No mate, the default is Ariel.
I'm not interested in previous, existing or saved doc's.
I do most of my stuff in TNR.

I help people to fill in certain forms, on-line. They consist of hundreds of questions/statements etc each in a 'box' = on a line.
These are all in Ariel. As there is no separation between question & answer, I want to put the answers in a different font,,,, "as we type", to keep them separate from the question. (some questions are longer than others, and the replies / spaces arn't conspicuous after half a dozen replies have been entered.

I know that I/we can change them after typing, but with so many entries, it takes for ever.

I would be very surprised if it can't be done, especially in this day'&'age as more & more forms are being filled in on-line.


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