MS Word, corrupt memory stick issues.

  Phoenixx87 17:32 28 Jun 2013

Basically I bought a memory stick from Kingston because I work from home as a tutor and I wanted somewhere to save my work. When I put the memory stick in the laptop and turned it on it said unable to read disk on a black background with white text. I took the memory stick out and then it booted up ok. I did some work on a word document and saved it, when I closed and tried to open it I got all the pages loaded with the word count but they were all blank. I found a fix where u delete somethin in the regedit ( I did all these fixes from this site. I then tried opening it a few more times and I got an error i think something mse46 and something to do with converting, after clicking the X the document opened but with all squares on it (I cant remember if I got the error before or after the fixes) I thought it was a problem with the memory stick so I went on the PC and found one of the first saved versions (before I moved it to the laptop and worked some more on it), this opened fine so I put it on the new memory stick and one of my old ones. On the new memory stick I got the same issue but on the old one I didnt. Today I turned my PC on and it took forever to load. I tried to upload work for a student and when I clicked browse to add a file it didnt do anything. I opened some word documents from the PC fine and when I went to save it worked ok. When I clicked save as it opened but wouldnt let me change the folder it just gave me the message 'initialising the root folders to display' I tried to click close and nothing happened, ctrl alt del didnt do anything, shut down didnt do anything I ended up turning it off at the plug. I have a 6yr old PC on XP and my laptop that I mentioned runs on Vista I dont know more about operating systems to give any more information and I was using MS Office (word) 2007. I have Microsoft Security Essentials and run Malwarebytes, Adaware and disk defrag pretty frequently and I run scans from MSE probably once a week. As you can appreciate working from home I really need my computer, I have the work on a memory stick but as the laptop is working OK I don't want to put anything in it that might corrupt it too until I know what I'm dealing with. It seems all the problems I had were since I got this memory stick I had no issues prior to it.

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