MS Word closes on it's own

  cbr keith 22:04 19 Oct 2005

Hi all, hope you can help...

I'm using MS Office 2000, on a system with XP Pro.

When I start Word, it opens with a blank doc as normal. If I leave it or open a file, after approx 15sec the curser stops blinking and nothing works if clicked, as if the program has frozen.

Shortly after, there is some disc activity and then Word "disappears", as if I've closed it. This happens every time.

I've no idea of anything I've done that has caused or led up to this problem. I've scanned the pc for viruses/spyware using Avast & Ad-aware and found nothing. Tried "detect & repair" which made no difference. Completely uninstalled then reinstalled Office but the problem remained.

The other office programs (excel etc) seem unaffected.

Help! I don't really want to wipe the pc and start again if I don't have to. Any ideas you have would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance

  VoG II 22:08 19 Oct 2005

This behaviour may occur if the default document template has become corrupted.

Do a search for NORMAL.DOT ensuring that searching for hidden files and folders is enabled. There may be more than one. In the search pane window, right click each one and select Rename and call it

Then restart Word.

  cbr keith 22:51 19 Oct 2005

Thanks for the info.

I did the search as you described (found 5 files) and renamed them. Restarted word, and problem remains.

Went back to the search & deleted the files, restarted word, problem remains.

Any more ideas very welcome!

  VoG II 22:55 19 Oct 2005

Try Detect and Repair from the Help menu in Word.

  Chegs ® 23:37 19 Oct 2005

Have you applied any updates to MS Office,as it could be these thats causing it?

  cbr keith 19:34 20 Oct 2005

I've not applied any updates to Office (or XP).

Tried the detect and repair option which ran thru its sequence but didn't fix the problem. (That'll be "detect and don't repair" then!)

This evening, I've uninstalled Office (again) but this time I also searched the registry and deleted all values associated with Office.

Just reinstalled Office and the problem is still there! Aarrrggghhh!

Please keep the ideas coming, they're much appreciated.

  skeletal 23:05 20 Oct 2005

Go to Start, click Run and browse to WINWORD.EXE.

DON’T click OK yet. Move to the end of the file name and type a space and then /a after the “ at the end of the file. If you have a standard installation you should end up with something like:
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE10\WINWORD.EXE" /a

When you have got the file name with the /a, click OK.

Word will start, but with no add ins etc.

See what happens. If after a time you still have your problem I’m stuck!

If it now works you have something else starting with Word, like an add-in, or most commonly some problem with; but I realise you have tried this most likely cure already.

You will then need some detective work to try to find the culprit, perhaps you have installed some third part software that “improves” Word?


  clock 14:22 21 Oct 2005

I've been having similar problems this week with MS Word 2002, came up in the query balloon, and a Winword.exe problem showed in the system error log. After 3 application hangs I sent an error message to Microsoft who directed me to several Office/Word updates for 2002. Took 90 mins. to download and install yesterday on my slow internet connection, then was re-directed to more updates for the updates! Did the lot (including Office, which I don't have) and I hope all is well now!

Funny thing though, I couldn't connect to my Internet provider today so had to ring for help. Once I had re-entered my name and password I got through?? Just a coincidence??

  splork 14:32 21 Oct 2005

This may or may not reveal anything, get this click here
shutdown any extraneous tasks, start Filemon, run Word and let Filemon capture a log file - when Word shuts down, check through the Filemon log for `fails`. Of course not all fails will be critical, or any kind of problem, but it might point out a missing file or .dll within Windows. You could try the same trick with Regmon from the same site.

  BigMoFoT 15:44 21 Oct 2005

I would havethought VoG's suggestion would have cleared it and if that didn't then the repair and re-install.
As with most office apps then lots of junk is usually left in the registry so unless something is wrong here I would recommend a few things;

1.) Uninstall Office completely;
2.) Runa registry checker utility;
3.) Re-install office;
4.) Appl latest office service pack.

This link click here;en-us;836036 gives some indication that there is issues with word in Office XP.
Link for Office XP SP3 is click here

Let us know how you get on!

  BigMoFoT 15:46 21 Oct 2005

Got the wrong end of the stick! Mistook Office XP for Windows XP! Neverthless I still have a solution.

Completely remove Office and then run this reg cleaner tool!

click here;en-us;239938

Let us know how you get on!

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