MS Word

  dogbreath1 12:27 09 Jul 2006

How can I save a Word doc so that when the doc is opened, the incorrect grammar and spelling highlighters are not visible? I'm using one or two words that aren't in the dictionary and the zig-zag underscore is somewhat annoying.

  Marsh Warden © ™ 12:29 09 Jul 2006

Right click on the misspelt word and select "add to dictionary" this will add it to your custom dictionary, re-check the document and the underscores will go away.

  Strawballs 12:31 09 Jul 2006

Right click on the words with the squiggly lines and choose add this will add them to your word dictionary

  Mit123 12:35 09 Jul 2006

right click on the underline and click on "ignore"

  Strawballs 12:36 09 Jul 2006

Clicking ignore will only remove the lines that time, the next time the document is opened they will be back

  SANTOS7 12:41 09 Jul 2006

open word, tools>options>spelling and grammer think you can deselect from there...

  dogbreath1 12:46 09 Jul 2006

...I want to distribute the document. So, can I prevent the squigglies from being evident to the reader (for whom the document will no doubt launch in MS Word)? Or would I have to save the document using another format such as pdf??

  terryf 12:49 09 Jul 2006

You could save it as a text file then whatever is used to open it won't have any Word 'enhancements'

  terryf 12:50 09 Jul 2006

PS File>SaveAs> and choose txt

  dogbreath1 12:52 09 Jul 2006

Thanks for that. But how can I preserve the RTF features available in word whilst losing the 'squigglies'?

  dogbreath1 12:59 09 Jul 2006

I might just have stumbled upon the answer. If I use the 'Save As' function and opt to save in .rtf format, all is well. Any thoughts on this please?

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