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  Furkin 14:19 04 Aug 2011

A couple of days ago, when checking the spelling in a letter, I got red lines under the correct English spellings of certain words (usually with ,,,,ise. Obviously the prog wanted me to spell them with a zee (I had that term !) a Zed.

I have today written a 3 page letter and when I clicked F7, it came up with a dozen or more wrong red lines, but I noted at the top, that it said "Language English - US". I clicked Options to change it, but everywhere I look shows language as "Language English - UK".

I have successfully changed default settings in previous versons of MS Office and Windows. But as everything comes up with UK settings, I can't find anything to change.

Any ideas please ?

  recap 14:27 04 Aug 2011

In Word 2010 go to File tab, select Language and make English (UK) the default language.

  Furkin 17:10 04 Aug 2011

Thanks Recap, Done that - several times.

I know that when we cut'n'paste 3rd party things, it can bring in 3rd party formatting, but in this case, the letter is all new & all me - written to a saved letterhead.

Since posting, I have cut'n'pasted the whole letter to a new blank page & clicked F7. It still comes up as “Spelling & Grammar – English (US)”.

When I click Options > Language, it still comes up as “English UK” as default ! I also tried looking in Control panel > Region & Language, & it's already English UK.


  lotvic 22:07 04 Aug 2011

You have to set the dictionary to English UK

(not sure how in Word 2010 as I have Word 2003)

  TonyV 23:55 04 Aug 2011


I have the 2007 version and in there if I Click on the Word Start button, top left, then click on Word Options, then Popular and Language Settings, I can set the language there.

Hope this helps.


  Furkin 00:23 05 Aug 2011

Thanks Tony, But that's what recap said. That was the first thing I tried (a dozen times now) - to no avail.

As above, I have also tried 3 or 4 different ways, but everything seems to be set as English - UK. I can never see English - US, to be able to change it.

thanks again.

  Eric10 10:07 05 Aug 2011

My preferred method is to select the whole document, click the Review tab on the ribbon then click Language and choose "Set Proofing Language". Make sure "English (UK)" is highlighted and click the "Set As Default" button. Accept the change in the resulting warning box then click OK. You can also uncheck "Detect language automatically" if you wish.

  lotvic 11:36 05 Aug 2011

Not sure where it is in Office 2010 but in Office 2003, I can go to 'All Programs | Microsoft Office | Microsoft Office Tools | Microsoft Office 2003 Language Settings | box at bottom is 'Choose the language that defines default behavior (sic) in Microsoft Office applications' - and this is where I set mine to use English (U.K.) for ALL Office programs.

  Furkin 12:36 09 Aug 2011

ERIC: Thanks. That seems to have done it - for that document at least. When I looked in Review > Set proofing language, it already said English - UK, so I didn't think it would work. I clicked another language, then unclicked it & clicked English - UK again, and Set as Default. I'm not sure if it will actually work as a 'default', but time will tell.

LOTVIC: Thanks also. In all previous Windows, it was just a matter of selecting Eglish - UK & Default, and that did it all.

No one else that I have spoken to has come across this. All their stuff seems to be E-UK by default, so I don't know what's happened with mine. It does seem to only be on the odd document here & there (2 so far - on my own letters from clean Blank pages),,,, not all of it. If it were all of it, then it might be easier to fix. It looks like I'm halfway there, but I won't click as 'fixed' yet, Justin Case someone else has an opinion.

cheers folks

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