MS Word 2003

  babybell 10:42 15 Aug 2006

For some reason when I open a blank document in Word 2003 the cursor is at the very top of the page and i mean right at the top but it is also over to the right along way too. There is a slidy button along the top so that i can drag the cursor to the left but there is no vertical slider to drag the cursor down. It is becoming a pain, how can i revert back to the way it was?

  bremner 10:45 15 Aug 2006

Locate the file called and delete it.

Start Word and see if this has cured the problem.

  bremner 10:47 15 Aug 2006

Sorry should have clarified. It is the for your profile. i.e. in \Documents and Settings\"Yourusername"

  skeletal 11:19 15 Aug 2006

In general, I would recommend a slight variation on bremner's advice. Rather than just delete, rename it to Then carry on with the restart., potentially, holds any customisations you may have done like adding buttons to toolbars etc. More importantly, you may have added vba code etc. All this will disappear if you just delete the file. Keeping a backup will help rebuild your new in such cases.

If the rename/restart cures the problem, and you don’t have any customisations, you are home and dry of course.

On a related topic I have just suffered what could have been a disaster. Like most people, I am plagued by Office forever resetting its language to US from UK. A new fix I came across is found in: Microsoft Office 2003/Microsoft Office Tools/Microsoft Office 2003 Language settings (depending on your computer set up). I ran this, and with no warning whatsoever, it deleted my file. (I have yet to discover what it may have done to all the other Office apps!). In my case I have many hundreds of lines of code in!!

After I restarted my heart, I went to my laptop where I have mirrored my file and restored from there. It would be nice if MS gave a warning before running such potentially disastrous software!


  babybell 11:47 15 Aug 2006

I located the file and renamed it to and performed a restart but it hasn't made any difference. Any other ideas?

  skeletal 12:13 15 Aug 2006

OK, so that’s the easy fix failed!

To make sure we are talking about the same thing, make sure you are in “Print Layout View”, other views can put stuff in seemingly odd places (change views with the buttons on the bottom left).

If you are still having the problem go to File/Page setup/Margins and make sure that you have:

Top = 2.54 cm
Left = 3.17 cm
Bottom = 2.54 cm
Right = 3.17 cm
Gutter = 0 cm
Gutter position = Left

Under the Pages part in the middle, set to Normal
Under the preview part at the bottom, set to: Apply to: whole document

See if that solves the problem.

Then, if it does, go back to File/Page setup/Margins, check all the settings are still as above, and click the button at the bottom: Default. Click Yes to save to the

The puzzle here is that forcing a reload of, should have sorted this out for you. Also, it is odd this has happened in the first place.

It would also be worth checking the Paper and Layout tabs (in the Page setup form above) to see they look sensible as well (eg A4 paper).


  BRYNIT 12:38 15 Aug 2006

Margin not showing at top of page this usually happens when you have clicked the mouse pointer at the top of the page.

Move mouse pointer to top of page you should see a message "show white space" click with left mouse button.

If you do not see message wait till you see what look like two boxes with arrows pointing to each other and click mouse button.

you should now have the margin at the top

  babybell 14:05 15 Aug 2006

Yeah all those settings are correct and the problem still exists.

  babybell 14:07 15 Aug 2006

Brynit, that was the problem all along, i saw the two arrows and cliked and the top margin suddenely appeared. Thanx for your help guys

  skeletal 14:24 15 Aug 2006

Glad you've sorted it! Over lunch I was thinking about a few more things to try, but it was getting harder all the time. I'm pleased a simple mouse click was all it needed.


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