MS Word 2000 Paragraph alignment.

  tilly 2 16:45 22 Aug 2009

When I try to change paragraph alignment to Align Left permanently it always goes back to centre align. How can I change it to always be Left alignment, please?

  DieSse 17:13 22 Aug 2009

What document or template are you trying to change it in?

The alignment will be set in whichever template you are using. If you are starting with a new, standard, blank page, then possibly you have altered the standard template (called either deliberately, or accidentally - or it has become corrupted (which dies happen).

You can delete the template, which will force Word to create a new one, which will have left alignment set.

If you need further instructions or explanation, please just ask again.

  tilly 2 17:35 22 Aug 2009

Sorry not very good at this, just opened word and typed my daily diary a month ago and just keep adding to it after saving it each time, each day.
Then yesterday this happened. Don't know how.

  tilly 2 18:43 22 Aug 2009

Should have put I Need further instructions Please, Thank you. DieSse.

  DieSse 14:40 23 Aug 2009

Open your diary,

Go to Edit - Select All

All the text should now be highlighted

Now reset your alignment to left-aligned

Next save your document.

Hopefully next time you open it, it should be left-aligned as normal.

Let us know if it isn't.

  tilly 2 17:14 23 Aug 2009

DieSse Thank you. It worked a treat.

  tilly 2 17:16 23 Aug 2009


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