novis 12:47 05 Jul 2006


I have been given a copy of MS Windows XP Home Edition – but no key code. Is there any way I can acquire one? As Microsoft now verify the authenticity of software via the net there is no point in a bogus one.

Can Windows be re-installed without having to do a complete recovery?


  Taff™ 12:54 05 Jul 2006

Explain what you are trying to do. Do you have a computer with a legitimate copy of XP Home installed on it already? I get the idea that you want to repair it using the disc you`ve been given - it`s no good without a key code except to repair your existing installation.

  Stuartli 13:03 05 Jul 2006

Contact Microsoft, explain the circumstances and it could well provide the means to purchase a licence and thus a product key code.

  novis 13:07 05 Jul 2006

Thanks for this advice. It was a bonafide MS disk but my non computer-literate brother didnt think to send the code when he sent me the3 disk and non computer-literate me didn't think to ask for it at the time.

Any idea how I contact Microsoft about this?

  Meshuga 13:21 05 Jul 2006

I would suggest that non computer-literate recipient asks non computer-literate brother to send him the key. Lot simpler that way.

  Belatucadrus 13:47 05 Jul 2006

click here Magical Jellybean Keyfinder. then write it down and don't lose it.

  Taff™ 13:55 05 Jul 2006

I think we`re missing the point here. You have a disk without a key code and judging by your other threads, running at the moment, you have a laptop with XP Home running on it. What are you trying to do? Repair the installation or have you used the disc to attempt this already?

If the laptop has a legitimate copy of XP installed on it there will be a sticker with the key code on the underside of the laptop.

If your brother has installed a copy of XP Home on his own computer you cannot use the same key code - it will most likely be rejected. You can only install the software on one computer and if it comes preinstalled as an OEM version on the laptop you can`t transfer it to another machine.

  Terry Brown 14:39 05 Jul 2006

Download and run BELARC (systems diagnostic), this will give you the codes that are already on your machine, assuming that the CD you was given is the same as the one on your system.

  novis 17:59 05 Jul 2006

The version of MS Windows hat I have on my computer (for which I have a valid code) is not the same as the disk to which I have referred. It is packaged in with the Sony restore software.

I have a separate copy of MS Windows Home Edition for which I do not have a code.

I could, of course copy the version of Windows hat I have on my computer as a backup if I knew how.

I thought that, rather than toss away the second copy (from my brother) that I would see about acquiring a code for it.

I hope this clarifies extrapolations some have made from reading my several posts. I do not have a laptop but a PC.

  novis 18:14 05 Jul 2006

Magical Jellybean Keyfinder.

This would be great if it were the version of MS Wiondows that I have installed on myh computer; however it is a separate disk for which I need a code.

2) In the event that I subsequently need to reinstall windows do I have to do a complete restore ior can windows be installed separatel by uninstalling it and then rebooting from the Windows disk [in the event that I had a key code to access it]

3) Can I make a copy of my installed version of Windows for which I have a code and instal it in this way if I have problems in future?

  Dipso 21:26 05 Jul 2006

If you do run into problems with your existing installation you should be able to use the disc your brother sent you along with your PC's own Windows key to reinstall Windows. It shouldn't matter that "The version of MS Windows that I have on my computer (for which I have a valid code) is not the same as the disk to which I have referred. It is packaged in with the Sony restore software."

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