MS Virtual Server vs MS Virtual PC

  Bevan Ashford 15:21 13 Apr 2008

Please help me.

I am seeking to set up a Virtual Network to help me study for my MCSA examinations.

I have 120 day versions of both Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP Professional.

Is it possible to create a Virtual network as a test lab on a PC running Windows Ultimate.

Is it possible to install Windows XP Professional on a virtual machine using MS Virtual PC and then install MS Virtual Server on that virtual machine running XP Professional?

If my questions do not make sense, please suggest any way I can set up two virtual PCs and create a virtual network running the above 120 day OSs so I could study successfully.

Thank you.

  Bevan Ashford 09:19 14 Apr 2008

Can anyone help please?

  Gordon999 11:22 14 Apr 2008

Hi Bevan,

I believe that you can as it acts like a physical PC and on boot up will given the option of which OS to load.

As like you I am studying for my MCSE including A+ and S+ and my a personal point of view isbuild a physical network at home if you can?

You can get cheap PC's that will do the job on ebay for around £30 all you need to do is buy the monitor, keyboard and mouse. Get a 4 port ethernet hub or switch and the necessary cables and you're off.

I just find it easier then that way you are getting real hands on experience.

  Bevan Ashford 17:51 14 Apr 2008

Hi Gordon,

Thank you for your reply.

Extremely helpful, especially the point about cheap PCs off ebay. I will look into the physical network side of things, as you say it is better practical experience.

I actually have an old PC that I could put to use, but was looking at the virtual PC side as I was concerned about viruses getting on to such an old non-updated XP Home machine.

  Gordon999 13:29 15 Apr 2008

Hi Bevan,

You're welcome. To be honest I use caddy's in my main PC so when I'm studying the network is not connected to the internet. When I won't to use the main PC for home stuff, online gaming etc I pop in my home hard drive and connect it up to the internet that way. A bit long winded no doubt but it works for me.

  Ahdinko 13:39 15 Apr 2008

Hi Bevan.

You can just run two Virtual PC's in MS Virutal PC, and give them network adapters so they can communicate

Havent done it from Ulimate, but have done it from XP. Ran Server 2003 in one virtual PC, with XP running on 2 virutal pc's. All from one physical PC.

All you have to do is make seperate virtual PC's that run from seperate virtual HDD's in Virutal PC.

  Bevan Ashford 17:19 15 Apr 2008

Hi Ahdinko,

Brilliant news! Good to hear from someone that has actually done it. Thank you for your reply.

I was unclear on one point and that was how to give them network adapters? Are they physical network adapters or are they virtual too?

Can you recommend any guides to follow? Or did you just use your own powers of deduction?

  Ahdinko 18:16 17 Apr 2008

Virtual adapters - You can assign them in the settings box where you change the amount of RAM, hard drive location, etc.

I done it out of an CompTIA Network+ from Microsoft. They have lots of exercises to do, and most of them revolved around using your own small network.

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