MS updates/patches - what would you do?

  Maughan 13:20 24 Feb 2004

Some time ago, the MS Windows Update scanner thingy told me I needed to download XP Service Pack 1. I did, and the whole system went haywire, eventually necessitating a complete reinstall. (I later discovered that my PC had come supplied with SP1 already installed, so I have no idea why the scan told me I needed it.)


Since then I have been very wary of (and have in fact completely ignored) all the regular updates that XP wants me to download. About 1 year's worth, in fact.

Are the downloads really necessary? Do I risk system crash and death all over again? Or should I do as I am told and download the lot? ( I have broadband, so it shouldn't be too much of a time problem if the general consensus is "do it".)

I note that most of the downloads are security-related. I am on-line a lot (including some limited P2P use) but aren't my McAfee firewall and virus checker sufficient...?

Please advise what you would do (or have done)!

Thank you


Well, I don't know about XP as I'm still running 98SE, but I've never installed a single update and everything is fine.

  961 13:50 24 Feb 2004

If you have broadband I should download them....but gently

You need a good firewall, a good virus checker, spybot search and destroy, ad aware and the nouse not to reply to spam. All need to be kept up to date...every other day at least

Go to click here and download the small patches to "kill the messenger" (on the front of this months PCAdvisor) and "Unplug"

After all that create a system restore point

Then download the microsoft patches, a couple every day, creating restore points as you go. Start with the Internet Explorer ones.

Then, if there is a problem, all is not lost

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 13:56 24 Feb 2004

I have downloaded all the patches with no adverse affects i also downloaded a few but not all of the recommended ones still no ill effects,most installs set a restore point before installing.Some of the patches are really needed
like the blaster one/niachi ones.


  Maughan 14:11 24 Feb 2004

Very useful advice - thank you, all.

961 - I will go with your careful plan of attack (unless anyone else comes back with any scare stories...)

  starlet 14:14 24 Feb 2004

I downloaded sp1 and had many problems that made me reformat and reinstall, I tried a second time and the same again, this christmas I had to fit a new M/B so I had to reformat, so before I installed any programs I updated from sp1 to sp4 in single moves and all went well, until I came to load the programs then some of the older ones would not load from CD I had to copy them to my HDD and install from there, one of the sp updates installed some security patch that caused it.

Hope it helps you but whatever you do go gently to save you a lot of trouble.

Regards Star

  GrayOne 14:33 24 Feb 2004

I bought a new pc just before Christmas with xp preloaded then installed Nortons firewall and virus checker . They all update automatically and it seems to be ok.
If you're just a pc user and you don't update, you don't know what you're letting yourself in for, but then if you update most of us don't know which bits MS have mucked about with anyway.
Let's face it, we all know it's just a matter of time before there's a glitch - then its " wish I'd backed up my data more often".
Personally, as you admit to using the extesively using the internet, I'd back up the important data (and game saves) and go for it.

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