MS Security updates fail following SP3 install

  tallboy 13:11 05 Sep 2008

I have just installed Microsoft Service Pack 3 via the Automatic Updates process. At the end of the install, Windows indicated that the following security updates failed to install correctly:

KB951066, KB951376, KB952954, KB946648, KB950974, KB952287.

MS Silverlight (KB955305) also failed to install correctly. (May be in needed the security updates in place first).

MS indicate that you can un-install updates via the control panel. However, when I go to un-install these updates, I get the message tha Windows may not work correctly if I remove them.

How can I correct these updates to be installed correctly without risking stopping Windows working?

  Condom 14:23 05 Sep 2008

I had similar problems following a clean re-install of XP Pro and SP3. Nothing I did could get the automatic udates to work so I went to the Microsoft Update site and they all installed manually without any problems. I then discovered a little utility on this site called "Dial a fix for Microsoft Dowmload problems" downloaded it and ran it. God knows how it works but immediately afterwards everything worked 100% and has continued to do do for some weeks now. Regarding Silverlight it could well be a completely different problem altogether as apparently several CPU's do not support Silverlight. My AMD chip doesn't but they don't tell you this on the automatic update as it just shows an error code. If you try downloading Silverlight direct from the site when you install it, it will then tell you what the problem is.

  tallboy 22:28 05 Sep 2008

Thanks Condom. I'll give your suggestions a try. I also found this Microsoft article which should fix it: click here

I'll post the outcome for the benefit of other readers.

  Condom 16:49 06 Sep 2008

I saw this site myself but it didn't solve my problems. If I were you I would google for Dial a Fix for Microsoft Download problems and do it that way. This download is often advised in these forums because your problem is very common. I'm sorry I don't have the direct link to hand. When I talked about Silverlight I perhaps should have made it clearer that the direct site I was talking about was the Silverlight site. It told me that my AMD chip did not support Silverlight as it couldn't habndle some type of instructions. Good luck.

  tallboy 09:37 08 Sep 2008

Thanks for the comments Condom. I tried the MS Fix, but as you found, it didn't work. I've now logged an incident report with Microsoft. They don't charge for fixing security update problems and in the past, I have found them quite helpful. I'm now awaiting their response. I'll google Dial a Fix if I don't get a response from them in the next 24-48 hrs.

I should have said that my PC is a Mesh with an AMD chip. I'm sure I can live without Silverlight until I replace my PC sometime in the distant future!

  provider 2 10:00 08 Sep 2008

This any use?

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