MS Publisher-Inserted Pictures Don't appear

  BADGERSEND 17:48 19 Oct 2005

I am having problems with MS Publisher. When I insert a picture from file into a new page, I cannot see the picture, only the toggle boxes round the edge of the picture.
If I open a publisher file with pictures on it, delete the pictures and insert other pictures, I can then see them. I have tried all ways to overcome this, without success.

I am running Publisher on a second computer and I don't get this p[roblem. I run Win XP H/E Service Pack 2 on both.

Can anyone tell me why this is and how I can overcome it.


  LAP 18:26 19 Oct 2005

Try View/Picture Display and tick Detailed Display

  Forum Editor 19:18 19 Oct 2005

Open a blank document in Publisher and reduce the Publisher window size so you can see some of your desktop.

Now, open your 'My documents' folder and then open 'My pictures'. Select an image and drag it onto the blank Publisher document.

What happens?

  LAP 17:16 20 Oct 2005

^bump^ ??

  LAP 17:33 21 Oct 2005

How did you get on? 'It's a learning curve'

  gmh 11:31 22 Oct 2005

I have just started to have the same problem as BadgerSend. I also have the problem in Word.
this seems to have started after a Norton Internet Security Live Update, which may just be a coincidence.
I have tried the two suggestions given so far, but no luck - forum Editor: the same result dragging in the picture as with inserting.

  VoG II 11:32 22 Oct 2005

In Word, Tools|Options, View tab. Make sure Picture Placeholders is unticked.

  gmh 11:54 22 Oct 2005

VoG - Have tried your suggestion - still no picture visible. by the way Excel pictures ARE visible.

  gmh 12:59 22 Oct 2005

Suddenly Publisher started showing the pictures (I have been using it quite a bit this morning) so fingers crossed the problem has sorted itself.
Word still doesn't show pictures when I insert them, but if I do a print preview they show there, and then appear when I go back to my word document. Don't understand it, but will leave well alone now! Thanks for all the ideas.

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