MS Publisher '97

  Lokit 19:49 09 Nov 2005

Problem - I am running Publisher at home as part of Office 2003 and my lad's school only has Publisher '97 installed - hence no backwards compatibility from home to school for his project work.

Q1 - Is Publisher '97 compatible with XP Pro?

Q2 - Will Publisher '97 install as a standalone product although I have the 2003 version already installed or will I have to uninstall Publisher 2003 first?

Q3 - If I were able to obtain Publisher '98 only , does the above apply and is '98 backwards compatible with '97?

Q4 - Is there another alternative?


  Diodorus Siculus 20:07 09 Nov 2005

There is no publisher 97 - only publisher 98.

I had Publisher 98 and Pub 2000 installed at one time on a win2k machine.

  Monoux 20:08 09 Nov 2005

re Q3
I run Publisher 98 on an XP pro system with no problems at all. Main suite is Office 2003

Can't answer your other questions though -- sorry

  pj123 20:16 09 Nov 2005

Q4. first.

The school must be way behind if they only have Pub 97.

Do they have a PTA, if so you could try to persuade them to all chip in and come up to date with Pub 2003. Misco have it in stock at £77.84, surely that can't be beyond the school budget?

Q3. Anything created on an earlier version can be read by a later version but not the other way round. Anything created on Pub 2003 can't be read by Pub 97 and I would think the same to apply with Pub 98.

Q2. Possibly, providing you specify where you want it installed as opposed to the standard "C:\program files."

Q1. I don't have XP so I can't answer that, sorry.

  pj123 20:19 09 Nov 2005

Diodorus Siculus, I am running Pub 2000 but I do still have Pub 97 - it was supplied on Floppy disks (3).

  Lokit 20:25 09 Nov 2005

Diodorus Siculus - I am taking my son's word for it that it is MSPub97 and will point you to this link...

click here

...that I am looking at pending an answer or suggestion to the original problem.

Thanks for your time mate!

  Diodorus Siculus 21:14 09 Nov 2005

My apologies - got something mixed up in my mind by the look of things!

  Lokit 04:20 10 Nov 2005


  Bebee 06:24 10 Nov 2005

Most schools will be running networks, extensive networks in secondary schools. One copy of a program will be of little use - a site licence is needed. Schools get quite a good deal on these but they are still not cheap.

If you need to transfer to an older version you need to use the 'Save As' option and save it as an older format - though from memory it only offers as far back as Publisher '98.

  wee eddie 08:45 10 Nov 2005

Having upgraded from Publisher '97 some years ago, because of incompatibility issues, and guessing that there will have been many pupils trying to take work home.

I think that the school will have a number of "work around", if this problem is as "Lokit" understands it.

I actually think that the scenario may not be exactly as "No 1 Son" has described it!

  Lokit 19:01 10 Nov 2005

Thanks wee eddie and all that have answered.

I am ticking this as resolved , although it isn't.

I feel that a chat to the IT guy at the school has to be the logical "next step".

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