MS Publisher 2003 won't publish to web

  new2it 04:00 29 Dec 2005

I created a web site in MS Publisher 2000 without much incident. (I'm new to this.) I "upgraded" to MS Publisher 2003 and in doing so, altered the web site. Therefore, I created an all new site, but now I can't publish it to the web! I keep getting a message explaining that the folder I'm trying to save my web site to is already used for that purpose. I have no idea what that means and I also tried the help menu by trying an FTP, I think was the term used. Can someone please help me. Thank you.

  Forum Editor 09:56 29 Dec 2005

is not really that good when it comes to web sites, and to be honest I sometimes wish that Microsoft would remove its web-publishing capabilities.

It sounds to me as if Publisher is trying to prevent what it thinks is your attempt to overwrite a previously-published site - the one you published from an earlier version of Publisher. The best way to do this is certainly via an FTP session, which is simply an easy way to access the server and delete (or add) files and folders. If you're new to the wonderful world of web-publishing this process can seem a little daunting. I will gladly provide you with further information about how to set about the job - you'll need some additional software - if you would like to have a go, but if you simply want to get the show on the road there may be a shorter route.......

use the little envelope next to my name, and send me an email with details of your server login. I'll access your server space, and remove the previous site - then you can go ahead and publish the new one. I'll need the FTP server address that was supplied to you by your internet service provider as well. If you're not sure about that, give me your ISP's name and I'll get the information from their web site.

  Forum Editor 23:38 29 Dec 2005

I have tidied up your server space now, and you might see if you can publish the new version of your site.

I haven't deleted the old site files - I've simply renamed the folder that contains them. See how things go, and we'll think again if you're still having problems.

You're in New Mexico, and I'm in London, UK, so there may be a time lag between our posts.

  new2it 19:33 31 Dec 2005

Because I use a dial-up system to access the web, (faster systems not yet available in my area) I downloaded ATT's web-accelerator. I'm told that doing so caused a problem with something called a "cache" problem, as I understood it, thus not allowing me to upload my created website to the internet. My problem was that in FILE the "PUBLIS WEB" selection was gray-out. The other instruction was to save the file I created in MS Publisher, to MY WEBS, which I also did. I eliminated the web-accelerator and accessing MY WEBS, for my created file, allowed me to then go to FILE and PUBLISH WEB was highlighted! I uploaded my site and it published. I can access the site click here but some of the pictures won't load! Can someone please help me to learn what I'm doing wrong. I read in the Frontpage help menu that the "index.htm" file, which I think is all of site, should take 2min:19sec to load at "28" speed, whatever that means. I let my dialup load for 20 minutes but most of the pictures still didn't present.

Thank you,

Larry in New Mexico

  new2it 16:20 03 Jan 2006


Thank you so much for your input. I took your advice and got FrontPage and started all over, but when I finished the first page I realized, unlike MS Publisher, I was only working on one page! How does one work on more than one page? I went through options in the help menu but couldn't find anything that specifically addressed this - at least in terms that I could understand. (Obviously I'm a novice.) As I ventured through the options, and to be honest, just by stumbling around the program, I came across something that allowed for bringing old information into MS FrontPage, but I have selected to totally divorce myself from anything to do with, or created in, MS Publisher; partly in frustration and partly based on your advice. On that note, and this is an open quesiton to anyone who cares to respond; which is a good software (wysiwyg) that a novice should use to get the job done. I am only interested in maintaining sites for family members and not as a vocation - otherwise I would assume learning HTML is the best option.

Thanks again to you gentlemen specifically and PC Advisor in general for what you do to help us,

Lawrence Trujillo
New Mexico, USA

  Forum Editor 17:13 03 Jan 2006

that you've decided on a change of software - it's a good move.

FrontPage is a superb web-design program, but there are some points to take onboard when using it for the first time. The program contains some special features, such as animated 'hover' buttons, scrolling text, and even a discussion forum, which will only work if FrontPage extensions are installed on the server. These extensions are free, and most good web hosts will enable them for you if you ask.

You don't need to use the special features of course - you can design a perfectly good website without them - in whch case you can forget about the extensions.

FrontPage has a range of inbuilt themes which can be applied to your site, and you'll see these if you click on 'Format' and select 'themes. Adding new pages is easy - just click 'New' and select from the drop-down menu.

Like all software, FP has its learning curve, and this is no place for a tutorial. Most people find it a reasonably painless experience to learn FP, and there are lots of tutorials available on the web. I suggest you
click here and download the free PDF tutorials (look for the links in the left-hand navigation panel).

Once you get started you'll undoubtedly have some specific questions - I'm sure you know where to come with those.

Good luck with FP - you've made the right choice, and we'll look forward to the launch of that new site in due course.

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