MS Outlook personal folders conflict

  compumac 22:39 21 Jan 2013

I have used Microsoft Outlook for many years for both e-mails but also for the Calendar. I have kept the calendar aspect synced using Samsung Kies with my Galaxy Tab Planner with Outlook always being the source for that sync. There have been occasions where I have entered an appointment on the Tab but not in Outlook, but made a similar entry on the Tab. I then found that when I did sync the two that I had two entries for the same appointment synced to the Tab, -one from Outlook and another already on the Tab. I therefore deleted all of the forthcoming entries on the Tab and synced the two. Unfortunately on this occasion it synced the wrong way in that Outlook did not now contain any forward entries. I then deleted the Outlook.pst file (as I have done on many occasions in the past) and retrieved a backup copy of Outlook.pst from a week ago.

My problem now seems to be that when the Outlook appointment reminder occurs there are two identical reminders despite only being one entry in the appointments. It is something to do with a secondary personal folder within Outlook. I have resolved a similar problem to this in the past but my memory is not functioning correctly in this bad weather also due to my increasing years.

Anyone throw light on this?

  compumac 13:44 22 Jan 2013


  Woolwell 14:07 22 Jan 2013

I wonder if you have 2 calendars running. Which version of Outlook?

When you expand My Calendars how many show up?

  compumac 14:56 22 Jan 2013


I have Outlook 2007 and yes there are two calendars within in it, but all of the repeated entries have been deleted by from the secondary one, also the secondary one is not checked and thereby not visible until it is checked.

I feel sure the problem is within that area somewhere but am puzzzled as to how.

  Woolwell 16:33 22 Jan 2013

I don't see why you need two calendars. If there are no entries in one then try deleting that one.

  Woolwell 16:50 22 Jan 2013

How many reminders show up in View - Reminders Window?

  compumac 17:11 22 Jan 2013


Two reminders show up in the Reminders window.

I did not create two calendars intentionally. When I first had problems of this nature, as I said - I deleted the original Outlook.pst and replaced it with a backup copy from a few weeks ago. With regard to Outlook.pst I believe that the programme Outlook creates an original Outlook and if you open ANOTHER Outlook (the restored Outlook.pst) from within the original Outlook then the OTHER Outlook appears as a SECOND PERSONAL FOLDER. You are then able to copy the relevant entries from SECOND Inbox/Sent and contacts folder and paste them into the originally created Outlook and then CLOSE (not delete) the OTHER Outlook. Not sure if I have conveyed my impression of how I believe Outlook performs - seems a bit wooly but I am sure that I am somewhere near the mark.

However I have followed your suggestion and actually deleted the SECOND Outlook from the Personal folders and will see how that pans out.

Your input is appreciated.

  Woolwell 17:32 22 Jan 2013

I used to use Kies but I found that it was poor and when I came to replace my phone it was one of the major reasons why I decided against Samsung. I now have an iPhone and iPad and these sync easily with Outlook through iCloud.

Hope that your problem has been sorted.

  compumac 17:50 22 Jan 2013


I have never had a problem syncing Outlook with my Galaxy Tab or my Galaxy SIII using Kies until the last update to Kies. I did not check the settings within Kies to see if the syncing side had changed with the update. I will investiagte that further before I try syncing again.

Again thanks for your input.

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