MS Outlook Contacts transfer

  jimforrest 21:07 02 Dec 2012

Hi all, I have two computers running on the same WiFi network. One is an old Desktop running Win XP and it has Outlook Express on it. This machine has been primarily used as an email receiver for years (as the email content is stored on the machine). The second is a Samsung laptop running Win 7 and with Outlook on it. I have configured the laptop to receive my emails now - leaving me the option of dumping the old Desktop. However - two problems - 1. All of my Contacts are in Outlook Express. Is there a way I can import them into Outlook directly over the network, or do I have to export them as a file and load them separately? (Fileshare is all set up). 2. There are literally thousands of emails on the old machine - many relating to business stuff so I really should keep them. Is there any way that I can parcel them up so that they are movable and then accessible on another machine? (I would rather not load them into Outlook as there are so many it will probably make it sluggish). Any help you can give?

  difarn 21:38 02 Dec 2012

Have you considered using Windows Easy Transfer to transfer everything you want?

  Woolwell 22:20 02 Dec 2012

OE uses WAB for addresses which is not readily read by Outlook nor does Outlook read OE e-mails.

This can be difficult without OE and Outlook on the same systems. Have a read of this migrate from OE

  Woolwell 22:21 02 Dec 2012

OE stores emails in dbx files which you can copy and back up but they can only be opened by OE. It is probably best to copy them to Outlook and then immediately archive them using Outlook.

  jimforrest 22:08 09 Dec 2012

Hi Chaps, I am still struggling with transferring my (hundreds of) Contacts from a computer running Outlook Express, to a new computer running Outlook. I looked at the options and one said "export contacts". This only gave one format (comma delieated file) and produced an Excell spreadsheet with all the Contacts listed. I imported this into Outlook and, although it appeared to work (no warnings etc), nothing was imported. Any ideas? I suppose the easiest way would be to change my current programme from Outlook to Outlook Express. Is this possible and where can I get it?

  jimforrest 22:52 09 Dec 2012

That looks good Dr yes - I will give it a try (tomorrow!)

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