MS Outlook, clean reinstall

  Newuser2162 21:51 17 Nov 2004

I want to do a clean reinstallation, can anyone tell me which file/files I need to save so that I can reinstall the calendar entries on MS Outlook, which I lost last time. I will also need to save templates for Word, Address book for IE and also favourites for IE. Also I think there is a file with Word toolbar details, does anyone know what that is?
Many thanks

  VoG II 22:07 17 Nov 2004

Outlook.pst for calendar (I think, await confirmation)

Word templates should be in a Templates folder.

IE Favorites - in IE, File/Import and Export

Word toolbars are stored in

  Danoh 23:23 17 Nov 2004

Are you just doing a clean reinstall of just MS Outlook as per your heading? That would only require you to save your Outlook data, not your other Office applications such as Word. IE is not part of the MS Office suite.

However, if you are looking to do a clean reinstall of the operating system together with a HDD reformat, then you would need to save all the items you mention as well as your data.

You can always use the File transfer wizard for the items you have mentioned (except I am not clear what you mean by "Word Toolbar details") click here

Otherwise if you want to do it manually....

  Danoh 23:28 17 Nov 2004

Calendar, emails, contacts ~ which can also double as your email address book, etc, are all included in Outlook.pst as VoG™ suggested.

You don't mention what O/S you use so I shall assume Windows XP. The default Outlook.pst is found in C:\Documents and settings\"your name"\ local settings \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Outlook.

But make sure you are taking a copy rather than removing or deleting it as your Outlook program will complain severely if its missing.

  Danoh 23:30 17 Nov 2004

C:\Documents and settings\"your name"\ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Templates.

  Danoh 23:36 17 Nov 2004

C:\Documents and settings\"your name"\ Favourites.

Or I should mispell that as "Favorites", to be accurate.

But I'm not at all sure that IE has an address book function....

Do you mean the internet WEB email account that you access using IE? Such as Hotmail or Yahoo? That address book is stored on Microsoft's or Yahoo's servers and not your PC. Won't need to be saved for any reinstall you are trying to do. But they can be downloaded from Yahoo (I can't remember if you can with Hotmail as I have never tried it myself).

  Newuser2162 22:10 18 Nov 2004

Danoh & Vog
Many thanks for your help. I want to do a format C and reinstall as the whole system appears to be grinding to a halt. I did it about 18m ago & was very pleased with the result except that I lost the calendar in Outlook & it took nearly as long to set that all up again!!!!! I have customised the word toolbar with various buttons I use often, I didnt realise they were in Thanks. I will copy all I need to keep onto D before I format C & hopefully the whole process will be easier this time.
Many thanks for your help.

  Newuser2162 22:23 18 Nov 2004

Danoh, Ive just had a look at your link to the File & Settings Transfer wizard, what a good idea.
I'm reinstalling Win98 SE, its a shame there isnt something the same for that!!

  Danoh 10:58 19 Nov 2004

The benefits of a clean reinstall of W9x based systems were such that I used to plan to do that on a regular annual basis ~ like spring-cleaning.

You might wish to make it a really slick affair by getting drive imaging s/w to create an image copy of your next clean reinstall and to restore back from later rather than reinstall 98SE + drivers, apps, etc.

  Newuser2162 22:42 19 Nov 2004

Many thanks for your help & advice, I might have a look at that image s/w, any recomendations?? I might have a go at the reinstall over the weekend if I can find the time.
See you on the other side. Hopefully!!!!!!!!

  Danoh 23:59 19 Nov 2004

I'm not qualified to recommend as I've only tried Drive Image 7 combined with XP's own backup utility.

Di7 produces images of complete drives which you could "explore" later to back up individual files if you so wish. The most frequent auto backup interval is weekly and it does not have incremental or differential backups, just complete image snap shot of the whole drive.

My daily data backup using differentials after a complete "normal" backup is based on XP's backup utility. It produces a single opague file so you can only restore the whole bundle of data rather than select specific files as with Di7.

I understand that Acronis True Image does both drive image backup as well as data backup but I have no details nor experience. May be worth starting a new thread on this or searching for other threads that may already exist.

The only review a quick Google has come up with is click here

Hope that helps.

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