MS Outlook 24th Feb

  bobbyp 12:51 31 Mar 2003

Hello All,
Having a problem with the day in Outlook (Win95). The PC knows today is 31/3. If I go into Calendar, it defaults to 24/2. If I click "Go to Today" it goes to 31/3. Then I go back to Inbox then to Calendar, it goes back to 24/2. Most people in the office are getting this but no one knows why?

Any suggestions?

  watchful 14:10 31 Mar 2003


  Ben Avery (Work) 14:31 31 Mar 2003

I use outlook 2000 in Win 98SE and the same thing happens. I think you'll find that if you click on the "Monthly" view, 24th Feb is the first day shown when viewing the month of March. Don't know why it does, it just does - I guerss the only advice I can give is try not to lose any sleep over it?!

It's, as they say, "just one of those things"


  bobbyp 15:14 31 Mar 2003

But it didn't do it Friday - it was only after the clock change - oh well see what happens tomorrow.


  Ben Avery (Work) 15:22 31 Mar 2003

...yet another excuse for Microsoft to send you a "Windows Update" to rectify the problem.

(No doubt if that is that case, it'll be another 2 second program which manages to still clock up to about 4MB to download - I'm sure something is going on there?!)


  Ben Avery (Work) 09:03 01 Apr 2003

Did you notice that last night there was yet another windows update patch which has "fixed" this problem?

I think you tick the resolved box now!


  bobbyp 09:16 01 Apr 2003

Thanks guys. All ok now. Good ol MS

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