MS Office XP v 2007

  sunnystaines 19:26 26 Feb 2009

I have office XP and have the option of office 2007 is their much difference other than the ribbons.

any views from anyone thats tried both.

  compumac 19:44 26 Feb 2009

I am in the same position I have Office 2007 set up one PC and Office 2003 on my main PC. I have used Office 2007 briefly, but find that after using Office 2003 for such a long time, it is annoying having to search out the whereabouts of the various functions in 2007 with the result that anything to be done quickly is carried out on 2003. I suppose over time I might migrate fully to 2007 but I have not come across anything so far to make me go - Wow, let's change over.
Others may/will express opposite views.

  Migwell 23:40 26 Feb 2009

I have both Office 2003 and 2007. I have tried 2007 but it took to long to sort anything out, I got sick and tired of searching for things I could just go to in 2003. So I uninstalled 2007 and went back to 2003.

After having gone through Office 1995, 1997, 2000, XP, and then onto 2003 I did not find it very funny to have to start to learn from scratch, which it felt like when moving onto office 2007.

Why could Microsoft not have given us the option of using either menu system as they have done with say, Category and Classsic view in Control Panel on XP and Vista. Vista which is also a pain in the BUT for finding anything you have been used to in XP.

Some people at PC World have said you can't install Office 2003 onto a computer that is running Vista. Well let me tell you that you can! That is the way my laptop is working right now.

I would say don't even bother to buy 2007 even if you could get it for under £20 as the National Health employees could and still may be able too.

  Pine Man 08:16 27 Feb 2009

...I have upgraded to Office 2007 and i like it. Sure it's a bit different and needs getting used to but isn't that the case with most new software.

If we all resisted change we would still be using DOS commands!

  Picklefactory 11:21 27 Feb 2009

We upgraded to 2007 at work, so had no choice but get used to it. As Pine Man says, it does take a bit of getting used to (Finding your way around the ribbon, mainly for me), but I like it now. Like most new MS software, there are some handy improvements and a few annoyances, but in general I think it is an improvement on previous versions and I wouldn't go back through choice.
A lot probably depends on how much you intend to use it, if you are a low user then it'll probably take a longer time to become accustomed to it.
It's really one of those personal choice things I feel.

A marmite decision. :o)

  Simsy 11:40 27 Feb 2009

that may influence some, is that the 2007 version of Excel is NOT limited to only 256 columns.

For most uses I imaging that 256 cols is ample, but is does prevent a single sheet calendar from being constructed with days running horizontally.

There may be other significant differences as well!



  AL47 11:42 27 Feb 2009

i have 07 and prefer it, but wouldnt think the cost of an upgrade is worth it

  wiz-king 12:24 27 Feb 2009

Most people wont be able to decipher your work!

Unless you remember to set it to save in the 2003 version!
A lot of people still have older versions and they will need to download a 'compatability pack' to read your documents.
I use both styles and prefer the older style layout, but that might be because I have used all previous versions and therefore 2007 is a big change of tools bars.

  KremmenUK 14:37 27 Feb 2009

Office 2007 does have some useful features like being able to see what something will look like before you commit to it.

But I agree with most of the above, that ribbon is quite user unfriendly compared to Office 2003.

My saviour is the quick launch menubar which is getting populated by the day.

  sunnystaines 14:43 27 Feb 2009

I had a freecycle copy so there was no cost, loaded it just now and had a play around, looks a lot better.

  sunnystaines 14:44 27 Feb 2009

thanks for the comments everyone

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