MS Office sounds problem

  Nosmas 15:04 08 Jul 2010

My system is Windows 7 (which I have been using for about five months), IE8 and MS Office 2000.

I am absolutely sure that when closing a Word or Excel file that had been changed, I received a message asking if I wanted to save the changes made to the document, and this was accompanied with a 'sound'. Just recently I became aware that a sound no longer played when the message was displayed, although other audio features and music appeared to be quite normal.

Googling the problem produced references to checking the box 'Provide feedback with sound'. Clicking on Tools > Options > General tab the box 'Provide feedback with sound' was already checked. When I unchecked the box, closed the document, re-opened the document and re-checked the box I received a message that Sounds.exe was not installed on my PC, with directions on how to download the file. I duly downloaded and installed Sounds.exe from click here, but still no sound plays when closing a file that has been changed. However I now get a 'clicking' sound played if I move from one Excel worksheet to another. Also I get a musical sound when opening an Excel workbook.

Just in case my memory is playing tricks, can anyone please confirm whether they get a sound when closing a changed document, and if so, what setting do I need to change to accomplish this?

  Woolwell 15:44 08 Jul 2010

Using Vista and Office 2007 I get the windows exclamation sound. Check you system sounds through control panel and that windows exclamation is working.

  Nosmas 20:43 11 Jul 2010

Many thanks for your reply Woolwell. I have done as you suggested and checked via control panel that the sounds are working. The windows exclamation sound is the one that I am sure I used to get with the message when closing a document that had been changed. This no longer happens, but now that I have installed Sounds.exe I am getting a sound with many events that did not previously cause a sound to be played.

On the sounds tab of the Sound dialog, various events are listed for Windows, AVG Tray (but no sounds are attributed), Windows Explorer, Windows Speech Recognition and MS Office. Although the last has some 38 events listed, the list does not include any reference to what I am looking for. Do you (or anyone else) know if it is possible to add an event to the list so that a sound can be attributed to it?

  Woolwell 22:26 11 Jul 2010

Under Windows - Exclamation does that make a sound?

  Nosmas 01:02 12 Jul 2010

Yes it does, but it is difficult to describe in words - it's a sort of two-note pipe musical sound. The file name is Windows Exclamation.wav, but very strangely a Windows 7 search for *.wav has produced a sizable list of files which includes many files of the same name each with a slightly different sound, but each of course in a different folder.

  Woolwell 10:43 12 Jul 2010

Sorry I cannot help any more. I haven't upgraded to Windows 7 yet. However I am fairly sure that Office 2000 is not supported on Windows 7 and this could be part of the problem.

  Nosmas 14:20 12 Jul 2010

From my researches I can see that Office 2000 is not supported anymore by Microsoft, but this seems to be in terms of updates and patches and the main problems seem to be with Outlook, which I don't use. However I don't think the lack of support has anything to do with my problem, as I was getting the sound until quite recently.

I may decide to upgrade to Office 2010 in due course, and it will then be interesting to see what happens with sounds.

  Nosmas 18:45 14 Jul 2010

Well what a surprise! Just as suddenly as it stopped working that missing sound has now started working again! So far as I am aware I have not done anything to bring about this change. The wonders of computers!

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