MS Office install query

  tAtu*! 13:00 09 Apr 2010

Hi all

I currently have MS Office 2007 home/student installed om my computer. My work now runs a scheme with MS where I can get MS Office 2007 Enterprise for Free.

Basically the Enterprise has more features than my version, so I was wondering if I would need to do a clean install of MS Office Enterprise or could I instal it with Home and Student edition just adding the features I have not already got i.e. Outlook, Groove, Access etc.


  rawprawn 15:00 09 Apr 2010

I would uninstall your version first, and then do a clean install of the Enterprise version to avoid any problems.

  northumbria61 16:40 09 Apr 2010

I personally have MS Office 2007 Enterprise which as you say does contain a lot more than 2007 Home/Student - in fact 10 programs altogether.

I had it running alongside MS Office 2003 without any problems for quite a while - however as you don't need two versions I would go with the advice of rawprawn

  Forum Editor 16:59 09 Apr 2010

is to do a clean install, provided the version you receive will do that. It may be an upgrade version, in which case the installer will look for a previously-installed qualifying version of Office.

You can still get around this by uninstalling your existing version, and then, when the new version says it can't find a previous version, and asks you where it is, put the Home/Student version DVD in the drive and point it to that.

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