MS Office a question....

  ikle_pixie 16:29 12 Mar 2003

Anyone know how i would go about creating something that can hold a lot of client information (names, address, telephone numbers, email) access...and be able to print information off about one person who i select and have a section that is updatable and be able to hold a lot of data, like a diary for each client. For instance a box for follow up outcomes like "21/3/03 Phoned client...blah blah blah" then "4/4/03 Phoned client".

Anyone got any ideas..sorry about my explanation!
I want it to be office because im creating it for someone else.

  BibleGuru 17:36 12 Mar 2003

Try using Microsoft Outlook - especially the Contacts section. Against each contact you can record notes at the bottom of the screen, and then print each contact out seperately as required.

  Neo_0147 17:44 12 Mar 2003

the best thing for that is what youve already mentioned Microsoft Access. You can create it using tables and then use reports to display information of the people.

  Taran 03:32 13 Mar 2003

Assuming you have either Access 97 or 2000, open it and from the splash screen choose the "Access database, wizards pages and projects" option and click OK.

From the next menu, select the Contact Management icon and click OK. Follow the prompts and Access will create your contact management database with all client/contact personal details and memo space for you to log call reminders or notes about who said what, when, why and so on.

If you got issue 91 of PC Advisor, it shipped with Alpha Five 4.5 (full version database program) and Alpha Five 5 trial. Version 4.5 features a very nice Contact Management template which constructs from a wizard in a few moments; even if you don't have Access (or if you don't know how to use or simply don't want to use it) you can still have a fully featured system in seconds, all free.

Lotus SmartSuite, if you have it, has similar templates for its excellent Approach program - previously a market leading database application and still a very strong performer - not to mention being very easy to use.

The kind of tasks you are describing are exactly what databases are for. My recommendation would be to plump for a wizard driven database to begin with, since all it will cost you initially is a small time investment to see if it fits the bill and in all probability you will have one or another database program already installed on your computer as part of an office suite. Being as it's a wizard generated database, you can customise it as much or as little as you like, always safe in the knowledge that you can have a replacement up and running within seconds if things go horribly wrong. If it is not suitable or usable, you could consider one of the many third party contact management programs available to buy more or less off the peg.

  ikle_pixie 01:06 15 Mar 2003

anyone know where i can find a webpage that can give me a more on what i want to do?

  Djohn 01:14 15 Mar 2003

If you type (contact manager programs) into google you will find many pages on this, but the advice above from *Taran* is excellent, and I don't think you will find a better way than the options he has given. J.

  ikle_pixie 01:22 15 Mar 2003

or even better...something which can show me how to make my own "contact managment" program in access...

  ikle_pixie 01:31 15 Mar 2003

ok cool thanks again djohn lol!

  Djohn 01:32 15 Mar 2003

click here try this one, also type (contact manager + Tutorial) into google and it will give you a choice of many. J.

  ikle_pixie 02:04 15 Mar 2003

argh..i need something that i can edit a bit more to suit what i need

  Forum Editor 08:29 15 Mar 2003

of your requirements I would say that BibleGuru was right on the button - Microsoft Outlook (especially the Office XP version) is tailor-made.

I run a contacts list of over 1800 people - both clients and industry contacts - in Outlook, and it manages it flawlessly. You can list calls or visits made, with very comprehensive details about each contact, and you can set reminders as and when you need them for each contact. Needless to say you can email contacts from within their own data page, and there are various other useful facilities.

Printing details of a single client is a single click operation.

If your data sets run into thousands you'll need to use Access, which is Microsoft's 'mid-range' database, or, for something on a corporate scale you'll need to look at SQL, which is far more powerful than Access.

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