MS Office 2000 Publisher table gridlines not printing

  Duncanf 15:40 19 Aug 2011

Can someone please remind me how to get gridlines in a Publisher table to print? I'm using MS Office 2000 Professional. Thanks in anticipation!

  Woolwell 16:53 19 Aug 2011

It's years since I worked with Publisher 2000. But I don't think that you are referring to gridlines but infact what the cell boundaries of the table to print. You should be able to right click and find this.

  Duncanf 17:13 19 Aug 2011

Thanks Woolwell.....right clicking is not helping but I decided to make the table in Word! Thanks anyway...I'm sure I used to be able to do it.

  Woolwell 17:22 19 Aug 2011

The right click should have given an option to format the table and then the table boundaries. But this is from memory.

  Duncanf 22:36 19 Aug 2011

Sorry I never got back to you. Just found how to do it. The right click didn't let me in to formatting but I just remembered what I did years ago! I highlighted the frames I needed > Format > Borders shading > then ticked the box that gave the option to print a grid (highlighting all lines.) Worked great! Thanks again for your assistance .....I'm afraid my Office copy is old but it is well used and usually gets the job done! Thanks

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