MS Money- Two versions on one CD?

  Southernboy 13:32 10 Mar 2005

Having just installed Money 2000 on my new PC, I was surprised to notice that it was a different program from that on my old (W98SE) PC, even thought it is the same CD.

There are different fields in the transaction forms and in the balancing process. There may be other changes that I have not yet noticed.

I can only conclude that, at the time I bought the program in March 2000, there were TWO programs on the CD, one for W98SE and one for Win2000. Now I have changed to XP, the Installation Wizard in XP has chosen the Win2000 version.

Anyone actually know this for sure?

  rawprawn 14:12 10 Mar 2005

Are you sure it's just not set to a different view under "Customise this page" on the left hand side ?

  Southernboy 12:06 11 Mar 2005

My customized view has been maintained unaltered.

It has a totally different layout. For example, Categories and sub-categories are now different fields, whereas they used to be included in the same field. When filling in a category, you now longer have your customized categories in a drop-down menu - only the standard preinstalled categories. You have to type in your own categories for Money to locate them. It is less user-friendly.

When balancing an account there are now two additional fields to be completed in the first screen.

It will not let me carry out certain procedures that it used to. For example, I cannot change a category to "transfer to" without altering the transaction to a Transfer one. I used to be able to do this on a Withdrawal transaction.

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