MS Money transfer

  shellship 18:55 22 Dec 2007

I am trying to transfer all my files from my slowing and ageing beast to a new lovely fast thing (sounds like a filly but it is a Cougar). I copied my .mny files to the new toy and installed MS Money 2003 from my original CD. When I tried to access my .mny files I was told it was not possible because the files were either not there or were write protected; they were and they were not protected. So I went on the MS site who suggested backing up the files, transferring the back ups to the new machine and restoring them. Exactly the same problem. Has anyone any ideas before I lose what little hair I have left - serves me right for establishing a new relationship.

Happy Christmas.

  Pine Man 19:23 22 Dec 2007

Try using the money backup file.

Don't open Money but just double click on the file. That should launch Money where you should then be able to enter your password and go.

  shellship 17:25 29 Dec 2007

Now back home after Christmas with daughter and family. Tried double clicking on both original and back-up files. Same result. Another thing that may be relevant is that the Money program on my new computer implies that it is a different version and it needs to update the .mny file to comply; the program is the same in all respects to the original one!
Any more ideas out there please.
My next step may be to remove the Money prog from my new machine and just copy the original - don't like doing that but it may be the next step unless anyone has better ideas.

  Pine Man 08:42 30 Dec 2007

I am not sure what can have caused this problem. I have used several versions of Money and the .mny files have always worked with each other.

My last change was updating to Vista and Money 2005. The files I had previously used came from XP and Money 2000 and worked perfectly.

Presumably you have tried re-installing Money in your new 'toy'?

  shellship 12:07 30 Dec 2007

Will try, thanks. Just had a thought - although the "About" in my MSMoney states it is 2003 I have in my Program directory a reference to Money 2005. This may have been an update which might, repeat might, be why my .mny files (presumably now 2005) are not liked by my original 2003.

  shellship 17:58 30 Dec 2007

Done it - upgraded and the upgraded version immediately recognised my mny files. Phew and thanks again. Happy New Year!

  Pine Man 12:13 02 Jan 2008

Good news!

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