MS M.e Certificate of authenticity????

  martin1976 21:40 05 May 2004

any advice would be gratefull, i have an old packard bell pc that came with three master cd's. which i thought contained my Operating system for reloading (Millenuium edition). I now have cause to do this, but unless i amsadly mistaken it is not on here- none of the cds are bootable and there is nothing that looks like a setup.exe. The pc has a certificate of authenticity on the side (COA). how do i go about getting o.s to reinstall.....thanks in advance.


  VoG II 21:42 05 May 2004

Did it come with a recovery floppy as well as the CDs?

  martin1976 21:50 05 May 2004


dont think so, but i have a 98 boot disk.
any y thoughts?

  sicknote 21:54 05 May 2004

What's the model ?????

  martin1976 22:10 05 May 2004


its a packard bell imedia,
and unbelieviably there is no other info on it other than that, no numbers nothing...

  sicknote 22:25 05 May 2004

You Can make a bootable floppy from here click here

  Djohn 22:38 05 May 2004

Have you been into your BIOS and set your CD drive to first bootable device? You will need to do this for your CD that holds the restore key to your system.

Usually but not always one of the Cd's will allow access to an hidden partition of your hard drive, this will hold all the necessary files to set your PC back to the same state as first bought.

  martin1976 22:40 05 May 2004

if i speak to microsoft do you think they would give me another copy of M.E or is that just pie in the sky...

  martin1976 22:48 05 May 2004


bios is set to cd as first boot device, none of the cds boot

"Usually but not always one of the Cd's will allow access to an hidden partition of your hard drive, this will hold all the necessary files to set your PC back to the same state as first bought."
i take it we would have to boot to the cd first for this to work?

there is a setup folder on the first cd, but it just contains gobldygook, doesnt look like windows to me arj.exe ???

hang on just clocked a srestore ms dos batch file at the root of the directory i will give this a go over the weekend,going to bed and going up north tomorow, ill keep you posted thanks for help all.


  sicknote 22:51 05 May 2004

Packard run a smartrestore system which should be in your programs if its not there you need to start by making floppy bootable this will then let you use the CD's to reinstall.If you want new cd's they be brought from Packard but you will need more info on model

  sicknote 22:56 05 May 2004

Restoring / Re-Mastering Your System (Packard Bell Only)

Should you encounter a serious problem you can restore your computer to the original software configuration. Important: Restoring your system will delete all your work. Ensure that you regularly back up key work so that if you do encounter a problem and need to use the Restore Disks, you will not lose vital work and can re-load it once you have finished restoring your system.

· Turn off your computer, insert your Recovery Floppy Disk then switch your computer on.

· When prompted, insert Master CD No1 (Red). A warning will be displayed – press the letter ‘O’ (for OK) on the keyboard, as your mouse will not function at this point.

· From the next menu select ‘2 – Advanced Options’. Next select ‘1 Windows & Smart Restore Only.’ Then press ‘O’ to confirm you wish to continue. Follow any subsequent onscreen prompts, and please be patient as this process may take over an hour.

Please Note: After a total restore the pre-installed software that was supplied with your computer will no longer be installed. You will be able to re-install Primo DVD (if this was previously installed), Microsoft Works and Norton AntiVirus – to do so follow the instructions below.

· Click your windows start button and select ‘Run’ from the menu. In the ‘Open’ box type ‘C:\DRIVERS\SETUP\RESTORE.EXE’. Click OK and a menu will appear with a list of software – scroll through the list until you find the software you need and click on it (a green tick will appear).

· Please Note: The other software listed requires the user to have a licence, which we do not provide. Installing any other titles than those mentioned above may cause problems with the system and is not recommended.

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