MS Intelli mouse & keyboard probs with Vista

  Bathsheba 12:18 13 Jul 2009

Hi all

I bought a new PC at the weekend which unfortunately came installed with Vista. I spent all weekend setting it up and managed to transefer most files & re-install most applications from my old PC. The only problem I'm having is setting up my Microsoft Intelli Pro/Point wireless keyboard and optical mouse. When I tried to install the software it came up with a meaagae to say that it wasn't compatible with the operating system, but I could fix the problem by downloading a fix. I did from the MS site but the software still won't run. Its says that it's for Vista on the list but when it downloads it is labelled for Windows 7.0. I'm not sure how to solve this and I'm really annoyed because the keyboard & mouse are not that old and cost quite a lot of money. If anyone has any ideas how I could solve this, I would be very grateful.

  The Kestrel 13:28 13 Jul 2009

Try this click here to see if it can find the drivers you need for Vista.

  The Kestrel 13:33 13 Jul 2009

Two more sites to try:

click here

click here

  The Kestrel 13:35 13 Jul 2009

Sorry - gave you the same one twice. Here is the other:

click here

  Bathsheba 14:18 14 Jul 2009

All working fine now!
Thanks for your help.

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