MS Golf '98 problem

  daba 21:55 06 Jan 2007

Just gone to play MF Golf with "me lad", and it complains it needs at least 32MB Free Virtual memory to run.

I checked Virtual Memory settings - 2048MB on drive D (fastest drive)

I re-booted - still the same

I re-installed MSGolf - still the same

I have W2K.

Any ideas, anyone ?

  brundle 22:19 06 Jan 2007

Reduce the VM temporarily, it may be a larger figure than a game that old can deal with.

  gudgulf 22:36 06 Jan 2007

That's a very old game and it is designed for systems with much lower RAM memory that you have(and page file too).

The problem with many older programs is that if you have more memory than the program can identify, it sees it as zero......hence the warning that you need 32MB of page file.Ie,program may only register up to may have 1GB.....Program says "Oh,I don't know what 1GB is so I just class it as none at all!.But I can't run with none so I'll just pop up a warning about that and refuse to run!!"

The only solution is to find a patch or memory fix for the game if there is one available( I couldn't find one), or accept the game is now well past it's sell by date and buy a newer one.

  woodchip 22:55 06 Jan 2007

You need the free space on C:\ drive

  woodchip 22:57 06 Jan 2007

Your C:\ drive must be nearly full

  RobCharles1981 23:49 06 Jan 2007

I use to love that game when it existed

"Yikes where did that one go!"

  daba 01:52 07 Jan 2007

Many good suggestions - thanks.

i omitted to say the game has run perfectly up to now, last run a couple of months ago, and i don't think i've changed any VM settings since then.....i'll try reducing VM then post back, but i'm almost sure VM has been set this way AND the game played OK

as for it being an old game - yes it is, but it is relative - Golf '98 to 2007, yep thats old, but Golf '98 running under Windows 2K is more congenial - i've even seen it running on XP with no problems

  daba 15:04 17 Feb 2007

It was the VM on drive D: at 2048MB that caused the problem. MS Golf obviously found zero VM on C:, then looked at D: and saw 2GB. It complains if it sees over 1GB.

So, as Ive got 1GB RAM, and want more than 1GB of VM, I've set 1024MB on drive C: and 1024MB on drive D:. This gives me a total 2GB of VM, and keeps MS Golf happy because it sees the 1GB on C:, and doesn't bother looking any further.

Trial and error solution...

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