MS Excel cell names crossed-referred in workbooks

  Nosmas 12:58 09 Apr 2003

In workbook A I have a number of worksheets dealing with calculation of interest. I have named certain cells AnnRate1, AnnRate2 etc. and refer to these in formulae in other cells. In workbook B (also multiple sheets) formulae I also refer to the cell names in workbook A. The problem I have is that a formula in one cell only needs the workbook name to retrieve the (other workbook) cell value in order to evaluate the formula

e.g. =ROUND(20000*'Workbook A.xls'!AnnRate9,2)/12

whereas using the same syntax in a different worksheet of workbook B results in #REF! By experiment I have found I need to include the sheet name in the formula

e.g. =ROUND(20000*'[Workbook A.xls]Worksheet Tab'!AnnRate2,2)/12

Can anyone suggest why the first syntax doesn't always work? In both workbooks each sheet is for a different year, and when I need to open a sheet for a new year I copy the latest sheet, rename it and edit the data contained in it. Could the copying method have any impact upon the syntax required?

  johnem 13:53 09 Apr 2003

Nosmas, not sure if this is of help but, if as I understand you have copied one worksheet into a new location and renamed, then any inbuilt cell references are trying to look for the now non existant cells hence the #REF. You may have to utilise the paste special option to either "paste link" or "paste formula".
I have had a similar problem and that's how I managed to effect a result. This may not be the most efficient way.

  Nosmas 14:22 09 Apr 2003

Thanks for your suggestion. I had thought of that, but having gone to menu Insert > Name > Paste > Paste List the resulting list of all cell names in the workbook correctly identifies the sheet and cell co-ordinates for each of the named cells.

  Megatyte 14:59 09 Apr 2003

In the referred book if the Worksheet is not directly referenced then it defaults to the Active sheet.


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