MS Excel - Can't get "AutoSum" to work

  Peterdoubt 11:54 22 Apr 2005

My OS is Windows XP Home - the Excel prog is part of Office 97. Just started a new Worksheet and cannot get AutoSum to total figures in a column e.g. Box E10 to show total for E2 to E9. Selecting E10 and then clicking "AutoSum", highlighting E2-E9, pressing Enter produces "=SUM(E2:E9)" in Box E10.I confess to being a bit of a novice but have used Excel previously and never had this problem until now. Can someone put me right?

  pj123 12:06 22 Apr 2005

Strange. No help but it works OK on mine. Just tried it.

What happens if you actually type the formula in the bar? Just tried that as well and get the same answer.

  Yoda Knight 12:12 22 Apr 2005

Check that the cell you are getting the answer in isnt set to be a text only cell

  GroupFC 12:20 22 Apr 2005

It looks as if the worksheet is set to display formulas, rather than numbers.

The problem is I can't find where this option is!

Excel has extensive help files so have a trawl and see what you can find - mweanwhile I'll keep looking!

  VoG II 12:22 22 Apr 2005

Tools/Options, View tab, untick Formulas.

  Nosmas 12:28 22 Apr 2005

I think GroupFC may be referring to clicking on Format > Cells > Category - Text which would treat anything entered as text and would display it exactly as entered. Try changing the format to General

  GroupFC 12:31 22 Apr 2005

Just sussed it and VoG™ (the excel expert) beat me to it yet again!

Is that man ever not here!

  Peterdoubt 20:00 22 Apr 2005

Thanks guys but I'm afraid none of your suggestions have worked. Maybe there's a 'glitch' in my program.

If VoG™ solution was not valid then Yoda Knight must have the answer and the cell was formatted to be text.

One of the peculiarities of Excel formatting is that a cell that was formatted as text retains that formatting if there is already an entry in the cell.

If your E10 contained =SUM(E2:E9) displayed as text, when you format the cell to number, nothing will change until you re-enter the formula, then all will be OK.


  lotvic 23:33 22 Apr 2005

and the keyboard shortcut to display and/or undisplay Formulas is

Ctrl + `¬ (the top left key under the Esc key)

  Peterdoubt 16:32 23 Apr 2005

Hi Whisperer and lotvic - thanks for your suggestions but it still won't work. What's really frustrating is this is the 3rd worksheet in this file. Numbers 1 & 2 operate without a problem. Anyway, have switched to 'Works' spreadsheet for the 2005 calculations since this seems to be 'doing the business'

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