MS Excel 2003 Upgrade / MS Works

  Cal 14:25 30 Mar 2006

I've been using the spreadsheet program on MS Works v6 for my own needs but now find myself in the position of needing MS Excel so that I can receive and edit Excel files.

Looking at the MS Office Excel 2003 home page and if I'm reading it correctly, I am (as an owner of MS Works v6) eligible for the MS Excel 2003 upgrade.
How can I upgrade if I don't already have a copy of a previous Excel version as my Works v6 only has the Spreadsheet program and no Excel?

This is obviously in my interest to know as there is a £100 difference between the upgrade and the full Excel version.

Advice much appreciated.

  VoG II 14:32 30 Mar 2006

It will install Excel whether you have an earlier version of Excel or not. It will upgrade over Works 2000, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, Works Suite 2004-2006.

  Cal 14:40 30 Mar 2006

Thats a relief to know, I'll go out and buy the 2003 Upgrade.

But how can they justify another £100 for the stand alone Excel program?

  Simsy 15:42 30 Mar 2006

Depending on how complicated the Excel files are you may be able to do what you want using OpenOffice, (click here), which is free...

It really is very good at dealing with Excel files, and can resave them as Excel files once you've done editing.

The one thing they can't handle is any Excel macros. If you do have macros in the Excel file, and you need to use them, then OpenOffice is not for you... If you can get away without using them then OpenOffice will work without them, and if you resave as an Excel file after editing, it will resave the macros. (I'm pretty sure about that last bit.. I'll just check!)

Good luck,



  Simsy 15:54 30 Mar 2006

I've just done a test with a fairly simple Excel sheet, that has a couple of macros, running from command buttons, which call modules...

The macros are, as I suspected, retained, and can be run using Excel, after saving as Excel using OOffice... however the command buttons don't function; the macros have to be run by calling the run macro dialog box.

Might still be worth you having a look however.



  Cal 16:50 30 Mar 2006

Thanks for your suggestion.

Unfortunately I've just got back from PC World having just (rather urgently) purchased the Excel 2003 Upgrade.

One of those days I'm afraid, not enough hours in the day etc etc

Many thanks anyway.


  Simsy 18:11 30 Mar 2006

take comfort in the fact that you've now got the product that's top of the pile!!



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