MS Excel 2000 compatibles- can you advise?

  hatrickj 06:44 09 Dec 2005

Some years ago I set up a multi-sheet Workbook in Excel 2000 to manage a small church's Gift Aid records. This workbook incorporated several complex formulae so that needed info could be at hand very easily. My successor also used Excel 2000 so he had no trouble taking the workbook over. He has contacted me recently to tell me the records are to be dealt with by a person who only has MS Works installed and he is not sure what version of Windows they have- could even be 95! From experimenting with one of my own workbooks that has complex formulae it is obvious that MS Works would not cope. ( I had 141 errors!) I wish to help my old friends, so two questions:
1. Can s/hand Excel software be bought legally at a reasonable cost below new, and where.

2. Are there other programs out there I the cheaper the better) that are fully compatible with Excel 2000, preferebly providing seamless migration of the existing work book- data formulae etc etc.

  Devil Fish 07:05 09 Dec 2005

have you tried click here and its free as well

though i would make a backup copy of the book 1st just in case

  Simsy 07:32 09 Dec 2005

and the best at opening Excel files, is OpenOffice.

Others to consider are;

software602 suite click here FREE

EasyOffice click here FREE

AbiltyOffice click here About £50 for complete suite, but SSheet can be bouhgt on it's own.

I haven't checked for Excel opening files created in OpenOffice that use complex formula, but providing the file is saved in the other program as a .xls file there should be no problem. (Note that when the file is saved in the other program and is opened in a recent Excel, Excel thinks it has been created in an older version of Excel and asks if you want to recalculate. This isn't a problem.)

I hope this helps,



  Simsy 07:37 09 Dec 2005

is that if the Excel workbook uses Macros/VBA then only Excel will do! None of the alternatives can "operate these.

OpenOffice will, I think, "preserve" them so that if an Excel book with them in is opened in OOffice, has changes made to info contained,and is saved as .xls again, the macros will work again when opened in Excel.

Note that I haven't checked that! And I think it's the only alternative that does so. All the others will have the macro info discarded when resaved. (I'm open to correction on that point!)



  hatrickj 10:43 11 Dec 2005

Thanks all. I passed on your recommendations and my friends and their pals go to work very quickly and have xfered to Open Office.

May I ask a further question, please? Does Open Office have any notable superiorities/deficeiencies offerings over the 2000 version of the Microsoft offerings, and does the compatibilty work both ways?

  Simsy 08:53 16 Dec 2005

works both ways, as long as, when saving in OpenOffice, .xls is chosen in the "Save as..." box.

The default filetype/extension for OOfice spreadsheets is .swx, (orsomething like that).

During installation you can choose for .xls to be the default.

I'm not a "poweruser" of any of the office applications, and these are the folk that can realy advise on the superioritied/deficiencies. However, as I previously indicated, none of the alternatives to Microsoft can use the macros.

During recent messing about with OOfice ssheet I found two inbulit functions that don't appear in Excel, that some may find useful;

Easter() You enter the year and it give you the date of Easter Sunday

IsLeapYear() Enter the year and it gives a True/False return depending on whether the year is a leap year or not.

May be useful to some working with calendars.



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