Revi 14:04 23 Sep 2003

I have the column headings A,B,C and so on...I want to change the headings to my own texts say in place of A I want to put NAME and in the place of B ADDRESS and so on. IS THIS POSSIBLE? IF so, the detailed steps please! Thanks.

  MAJ 14:09 23 Sep 2003

Not that I am aware of, but you can put your headings in A1, B1, C1, D1.... and so on.

  Revi 14:12 23 Sep 2003

So I take it that it is not possible to replace A,B,C, D.....with any sort of text. Only A1, B1, C1, D1....

  MAJ 14:17 23 Sep 2003

That's correct, Revi. Someone's gonna come along and prove me wrong now. :-)

  Revi 14:20 23 Sep 2003

Let me put it this way then. Can I put texts in A1, B1, C1, D1.... but while printing I don't want the column headings A, B, C, D.... to appear. Is this possible? If so, the steps please.

  tbh72 14:34 23 Sep 2003

Fundemtally this is something that you cannot do, however you can change the way Excel looks. For example you can remove the row/column headers so that all that appears are the cells.

click here A picture speaks a thousand words. This is what I am trying to say....

  tbh72 14:37 23 Sep 2003

10 points to the first person to tell me which is the "Active Cell" based on the evidence provided by the picture!!!!

  MAJ 14:39 23 Sep 2003

Yes, that's possible, go to File > Page setup > Sheet tab and in the "Print" section untick the little box which says "Row and Column headings".

  VoG II 15:40 23 Sep 2003


  tbh72 21:12 23 Sep 2003

Hehehe, yes that correct Vog. 10 points 2 U

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