MS DOS/CLI Interface emulator

  originalmiscellany 18:55 31 Oct 2005

It's a bit of an odd question, but does anyone know of a dos emulator on t'internet, where you can type in commands and see what returns, .e.g. CLS to clear screen (I think) or cd c:\games or whatever the other commands are? I'm looking for an example for my pupils (teaching sense not eyeball sense) where they can learn through doing and am wondering if any of you know of any examples where they can type in some commands "virtually" and see what happens.

Thanks in advance,

  Dan the Doctus 19:14 31 Oct 2005

You could make a bootable DOS disk click here or try this click here

  originalmiscellany 19:16 31 Oct 2005

but i could do with an emulator of an emulator if that makes sense, e.g. a webpage where you can type commands in and see what happends. To let all of our kids loose in DOS on computers has the word disaster written all over it doesn;t it!

  octal 19:24 31 Oct 2005

I'm interested to know why you are concentrating on DOS considering its not used much now.

Have you thought of using Linux? You could get them writing simple scripts which work. Also you can play with the commands without blowing it up.

I'm not trying to promote Linux, but I used to use DOS and I took to Linux without too much trouble because I was used to using command lines.

  originalmiscellany 19:28 31 Oct 2005

it's going to be a 10 minute activity for the kids next week, where instead of me talking about the differences between a WIMP and a CLI, they can have a go at a CLI. They all use Win XP and have access to a wimp, but most have never used a CLI.

So if they can have a fiddle with one without causing any problems, as it's online, that would be perfect. Getting the technicians to install another OS just for this purpose seems a little over the top!

  octal 19:32 31 Oct 2005

Thanks, all understood.

  seedie 19:33 31 Oct 2005

Ummm originalmiscellany, there seems to be a bit of a dilemma here. If you could find a site which will do what you require and your kids learn from it what's to stop them trying what they've learnt on the school network? You teach them enough they'll find a way in.

Best of luck


  Dan the Doctus 19:36 31 Oct 2005

I thought finding an online DOS emulator would be pretty easy - but it ain't! Couldn't you borrow a Win98 machine and boot it into DOS mode?

  originalmiscellany 19:37 31 Oct 2005

no, all i really want is a virtual site, where they can type in things like cd\ to go back a folder or cd d:\ to change drives or format a: to format a floppy disk, all virtually...

They don't have access to DOS on the network, which means that what they learn will have to wait for another day!

  originalmiscellany 19:38 31 Oct 2005

we only have windows Xp machines all bought within the past 2 years - and i'd need at least 4 to keep a group of 20 happy. Thanks for the thought though,

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